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Alicia White, owner of Evolve Prosthetic Rehabilitation, partners with MedBridge to provide education and patient engagement tools for prosthetic rehabilitation. Advance your knowledge and improve outcomes using MedBridge's all-in-one solution.

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About Alicia White

Dr. Alicia White graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University in 2004 with a degree in athletic training. She continued her studies at the University of Miami where she earned a doctorate in physical therapy in 2007. Dr. White worked at the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas for ten years where she treated high-level patients with amputations in the military and civilian sectors. Additionally, she taught the running course for all patients with amputations that had a desire to run while being treated at the Center for the Intrepid. She has served as an expert witness in several cases concerning the functional expectations for patients with amputations. In addition, she has taught Prosthetic Rehabilitation at the US Army Baylor Physical Therapy Program and Adaptive Sports at Texas State University. Dr. White continues her passion for teaching running as the South Texas Paralympic Track Coach and within her own practice, Evolve Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Dr. White also treats pediatric patients with amputations at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.
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Alicia White's Courses

Understanding Lower Extremity Limb Loss
presented by Alicia White

Treating a patient with limb loss has the potential to be intimidating to a physical therapist with no background of that patient population. With an in depth understanding of patients with amputations, the physical therapist will be better prepared to provide appropriate rehabilitation. The following lecture and supplemental materials will offer an evidence based knowledge foundation for treating patients with limb loss. Following the lecture, the physical therapist will be able to understand an appropriate approach for rehabilitation of patients with amputations. Learn more

Evaluating Patients with Amputations
presented by Alicia White

Proper documentation is necessary to create a plan of care for any patient population, as well as to justify treatment. Patients with amputations are a specific subpopulation with their own characteristics that require the appropriate attention to assist with treatment and patient education. The following presentation will address the components of an inclusive evaluation for patients with amputations. By focusing on subjective and objective intakes, as well as appropriate functional outcomes measures, the physical therapist will be better prepared to assist with goal setting and patient expectations. A thorough evaluation will provide the foundation for a successful plan of care. Learn more

Rehabilitation after Lower Extremity Limb Loss
presented by Alicia White

This course will provide a standard plan of care, including therapeutic exercise, to promote proper ambulation with a prosthesis. This course should be the most valuable of the entire series as it provides a therapeutic progression through all four phases of rehabilitation. The patient handouts will assist with home exercise programs and patient education, two key components of prosthetic rehabilitation. Understanding the progression of therapeutic exercise will provide the clinician with the appropriate skills to successfully treat any patient with an amputation. Learn more

Prosthetic Training After Lower Extremity Limb Loss
presented by Alicia White

This course will provide the basics of gait training with a prosthesis. In order for a physical therapist to educate a patient to ambulate with a prosthesis, they must first understand typical gait. Incorporating the basics of typical gait with prosthetic ambulation, regardless of the prosthetic technology, will result in a functional movement pattern for the patient. Understanding the key components of gait training with a prosthesis will provide the clinician with the appropriate skills to successfully treat any patient with an amputation. Learn more

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