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About Jean Blosser

Jean Blosser is a recognized expert and leader in school speech-language and special education service delivery. She is passionate about creating systems to ensure that instruction and intervention services are outcomes-based and educationally relevant. Jean believes collaboration is essential! As President of Creative Strategies for Special Education, Jean consults with schools and businesses that provide services, products, and staff to schools. She shares strategies for improving the quality of programs and therapy services in her publications and workshops. Jean’s practical books include: School Programs in Speech-Language Pathology: Organization and Service Delivery (6th Ed., 2020) and Pediatric Brain Injury: Proactive Intervention (3rd Ed., 2020). Recently she created resources for parents: Let’s Talk Today! A Calendar of Daily Activities for Teaching Language Skills at Home and Let's Celebrate and Learn Each Day. Both are designed to engage parents as partners and provides them with the confidence, activities, and techniques they need play a meaningful role in their child’s communication development and improvement.

Featured Courses

Mentoring & Teaching to Empower Parents in School-Based SLP Programs
presented by Jean Blosser

This course encourages therapists to nurture parents as active contributors and partners in their child’s intervention and instruction. It highlights how to employ mentoring methods to foster a high level of engagement. Empowering parents starts by exchanging critical information and jointly defining goals. Doors are then open for teaching parents to use specific intervention techniques and procedures. When parents gain new insights and skills, they become real partners in the treatment process. Examples are provided for identifying specific techniques parents can use. Recommendations are also made for dealing with challenges such as limited time and potentially adversarial situations. Throughout the discussion you will be encouraged to reflect on your own students, colleagues, and program. Learn more

Outcomes Matter in School SLP Programs
presented by Jean Blosser

Are you making a difference in students’ lives and school success? SLPs, educators, administrators, and parents want to know! The call for evidence-based education and treatment practices, systematic methods of measuring outcomes, and results-driven accountability has never been greater. This course introduces a unique three-pronged framework for assessing and reporting outcomes. You’ll learn to apply a dynamic set of practical tools that will enable you to highlight your successes, create meaningful relationships with educators and parents, modify your intervention practices, and launch new initiatives. Throughout the discussion, you will be encouraged to reflect on your own students, colleagues, and program. Learn more

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We believe education is the most powerful way to improve outcomes. With access to the highest quality continuing education, patient education, and home exercise programs, MedBridge gives you and your patients the tools needed to improve clinical outcomes.

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We provide the highest quality online education for SLPs taught by industry-leading professionals. Our evidence-based video courses provide a convenient, cost-effective solution to expand your knowledge, better serve your patients and students, and advance your career.

  • A growing library of over 600 accredited courses and live webinars covering multiple specialties and settings, including schools and SNFs
  • Engaging presentations with live patient demos, 3D models, and motion graphics
  • Case-based learning assessments to test your knowledge and handouts for use in everyday practice

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Increase Patient Engagement

Engage your students or patients in their own recovery. Our easy-to-build home exercise programs are an extension of your practice in the home, and an ideal way to involve family members with treatment. Give your patients the tools they need to stay disciplined and get better faster.

  • Evidence-based education covering pediatric and adult specialties across multiple settings
  • Easy-to-build programs with drag and drop functionality, pre-built templates, and smart search
  • HIPAA-compliant online patient portal, mobile app, patient satisfaction surveys, and tools for easy documentation in your EMR

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“The dysphagia course (The Normal Swallow) I viewed has proven to be a useful resource in my particular setting. It was a great refresher on what's normal for different diagnosis' and age groups, as well as identifying other important information, such as labs. Thanks for providing an avenue for learning that's both convenient and informative!”

Michele Morton, MS, CCC-SLP,
Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation Hospital

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