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About Joe Brence

Joseph Brence, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, COMT, DAC is a Physical Therapist and clinical researcher from Pittsburgh, PA. He runs, a healthcare Think Tank specifically designed to promote thinking and improved methodology to clinicians. The goal of the site is to assist in the delivery of quality, evidence-based reviews to help the average clinician improve their practice.
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Featured PT Courses

The Hip: Assessment of Hip Injuries in Athletes
presented by Ashley Campbell & Mike Voight

The multilayered anatomy of the hip, as well as its close proximity to complex regions such as the lumbar spine and SI joint, can create a challenge for the orthopedic and sports clinician when assessing and diagnosing hip related pathologies. This course will break down the anatomy of the hip layer by layer with a focus on the critical structures relevant to physical therapy. We will then guide you through an organized examination of the hip and finally review radiographic and other advanced diagnostic imaging utilized in the evaluation of hip pathologies. Upon completion of this course, the participant should feel confident in their foundational knowledge of the hip anatomy, be able to perform a well organized exam of the hip, and understand the common findings and terminology associated with imaging of the hip. Learn more

Top 10 Roadblocks to Natural Development
presented by Nicole M. Sergent & Lacy D. Morise

This course will be retired and no longer available as of January 11, 2022. Please complete the course by December 31, 2021 to receive credit.

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  • Roadblocks to Natural Development: Part 1
  • Roadblocks to Natural Development: Part 2
  • "

    When children are given the opportunity to move and explore in natural ways, they develop as they should, correct? Often times there are roadblocks that get in the way of natural child development. These roadblocks are sometimes created by adults caring for children and are sometimes biological factors that go undetected. In this lecture, the presenters will identify 10 of the most common roadblocks to early development, provide an educational and research based framework to identify these roadblocks, and share practical strategies to address these needs.

    Roadblocks covered in this unique problem/solution based lecture include: lack of tummy time/container use, prolonged use of a bottle/pacifier, media use, undetected gearing and undetected vision loss with special attention to cortical visual impairment (CVI), faulty parental understanding of development, over-parenting, the perfect child, the role of nutrition in development, and missed diagnoses, with a detailed look at Autism. Pediatric therapists play a huge role in early identification of biological and environmental factors that can affect early learning and development. This detail rich course will prepare you for that important role. Learn more

Balance Challenges: Dynamic Treatment Strategies
presented by J.J. Mowder-Tinney

This course will be retired and no longer available as of Sat May 1, 2021. Please complete the course by Friday April 30, 2021 to receive credit.

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  • Balance Challenges Part 1: Assessment
  • Balance Challenges Part 2: Interventions in Supine and Sitting
  • Balance Challenges Part 3: Dynamic Interventions

  • This course by J.J. Mowder Tinney is specifically designed to improve the clinician’s ability to identify specific impairments leading to balance dysfunction and then provide challenging interventions. Balance disorders affect clients in the orthopedic, neurologic, and geriatric populations, and involve all types of settings. Optimal outcome measures to assess balance and fall risk will be reviewed along with a comprehensive assessment. The majority of the course will then focus on interventions, and using evidence-based practice as a foundation, which can be utilized in a variety of settings. This course will provide multiple types and variations of interventions to provide all therapists with innovative and challenging interventions. Learn more

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