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About Home For Life Design

Carolyn is the Founder & Chief Health Officer of Home for Life Design®, where she helps healthcare and aging-in-place service providers meet the needs of homeowners through technology and evidence-based practices, specifically in the area of home assessment.The mission at Home For Life Design is to provide comprehensive home accessibility & technology solutions that encompass the unique needs and requirements of every client.
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Carolyn Sithong's Courses

An Occupational Therapist's Remodeling Project
presented by Carolyn Sithong

Video Runtime: 63 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 30 Minutes

According to the American Institute of Architects, universal design trends are rising in the home remodeling and building industry. Therapists who have a passion for working within environmental modifications can benefit from this finding by offering consulting services to consumers and the building and design industry. This course will detail how one occupational therapist worked from start to finish on a remodeling project for aging in place, enhanced with images and animations so you can see the steps taken for their patient. Learn more

Fall Prevention: The Role of Home Assessments and Modifications
presented by Carolyn Sithong

Video Runtime: 72 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 40 Minutes

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional home injury deaths and prevalent among older adults. Many falls are preventable. One significant way to reduce falls is to assess the home for hazards and modify the environment for safety. In this course therapists will learn the latest research on fall prevention and the role they play in reducing falls by performing quality home assessments and suggesting appropriate modifications for the client based on findings. Through case study and product solution presentation the therapist will understand important information that can be applied in the practice setting. Learn more

Kitchen Modifications: Assessment, Design, and Remodeling
presented by Carolyn Sithong

Video Runtime: 63 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 30 Minutes

One of the busiest rooms in the home is the kitchen. Many important occupations occur there frequently throughout the day. Kitchen design trends have become standard in terms of appliances, layout and features to support tasks but what happens when this room challenges the person with physical limitations? This course will highlight important areas of the kitchen and present ways to evaluate the person-environment fit and describe modification solutions that support occupational performance for the user. Learn more

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We believe education is the most powerful way to improve outcomes. With access to the highest quality continuing education, patient education, and home exercise programs, MedBridge gives you and your patients the tools needed to improve clinical outcomes.

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We provide the highest quality online education for Occupational Therapists taught by industry-leading professionals. Our evidence-based video courses provide a convenient, cost-effective solution to expand your knowledge, better serve your patients, and advance your career.

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Engage your patients in their recovery. Our easy-to-build home exercise programs are an extension of your practice in your patient’s home. Give your patients the tools they need to stay disciplined and get better faster.

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  • Easy-to-build programs with drag and drop functionality, pre-built templates, and smart search
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