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About Nice Speech Lady

Bekah Wilson Nice has been an SLP since 2000, and is the owner of the medical resource SLP website, Bekah authors blog postings to share helpful suggestions to medical SLPs who primarily work with adults. A plethora of resources and ready-made home programs are available on the website, as well as encouragement. As a previous journalist, Bekah also pens articles about newsworthy topics to her readers. Her name is listed as a clinician on the “Best in Patient Care” list for 2018, as well as being named one of the "Top 100 SLPs Impacting the Field" by Chicago Speech Therapy. Bekah continues to work full-time with patients — all the while contributing to the profession with her website with a new posting or resource each week.

Featured SLP Courses

Integrating Apps into Aphasia Therapy
presented by Megan Sutton MS

Video Runtime: 87 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 39 Minutes

Offering computer-assisted treatment to people with aphasia is part of best practice guidelines, but technology is changing so quickly, it can be nearly impossible for the busy clinician to keep up and know what to offer. This course will provide you with an overview of the benefits and risks of using mobile apps in aphasia therapy, along with specifics on some of the best options available today. Learn how to find, evaluate, and use apps in a way that supports your clinical practice as well as your clients’ recovery. Learn more

Practical Strategies for Working with Cognitively Impaired Individuals
presented by Rob Winningham

Video Runtime: 67 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 33 Minutes

Many times cognitively impaired patients are unable to learn basic ideas and compensatory strategies, which impedes progress in learning new motor behaviors and reduces the ultimate efficacy of therapy. In this course, we will discuss many strategies and interventions designed to enhance some patients’ abilities to encode new declarative memories. We will discuss short-term strategies that can be used without cognitive rehabilitation, and then we will discuss longer-term interventions. We will also work to overcome the possible challenge of creating interventions that yield improvements that generalize beyond the specific task or exercise done in the clinic. This course is the third of a five-part series. Learn more

Assessment of Swallowing in Patients with Trachs
presented by Debra Suiter

This course will be retired and no longer available as of December 31, 2023. Please complete the course by December 31, 2023 to receive credit or check out the new replacement course Swallowing Assessment in Patients with Tracheostomy Tubes available now in our catalog.

There is equivocal information in the research literature regarding the effects, if any, tracheostomy tubes have on swallow function. Clinicians are often called upon to evaluate individuals with tracheostomy tubes. However, the optimal means of evaluating swallow function in this population is often debated. This course will review information regarding advantages and disadvantages of currently available tools for assessing swallowing in patients with tracheostomy tubes. Learn more

General Principles of AAC Assessment in Adult Populations
presented by Kristy Weissling & Sarah E. Wallace

Video Runtime: 44 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 37 Minutes

Currently many SLP clinicians do not understand the process of AAC assessment in adults with acquired communication disability. The authors of this presentation will seek to present an overview of the AAC assessment process as discussed in Buekelman and Miranda’s participation model (2013). The model will be discussed as a means of creating a comprehensive treatment plan. Tools for the evaluation of skills in many areas of the participation model will be presented. Learn more

Cognitive Impairments: Executive Function
presented by Karen L. McCulloch

Part of a multiple-part series of courses on cognitive impairments seen in neurologic conditions, the purpose of this course is to review issues relevant to physical therapists related to executive function and self-awareness. Although these cognitive functions are not the direct focus of physical rehabilitation, therapists should be knowledgeable about the effects of executive dysfunction and impaired self-awareness as they relate to safety and prognosis. Learn more

Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion/Vocal Cord Dysfunction Assessment
presented by Mary J. Sandage

Irritable larynx syndrome (ILS) provides a vital theoretical framework from which to consider assessment and treatment of those conditions believed to fall on its continuum: chronic throat clearing, chronic cough, paradoxical vocal fold motion, and laryngospasm. Upper airway disorders will be delineated with the distinction between obstructive conditions and behavioral conditions emphasized. Learn more

Muscle Conditioning and Strengthening for Swallowing
presented by Giselle Carnaby

Video Runtime: 44 Minutes

How can speech language pathologists incorporate muscle strengthening principles into treatment for persons experiencing dysphagia, and how does the evidence support this kind of intervention? This course, with Dr. Giselle Carnaby, seeks to answer these questions by providing an introduction to muscle strengthening within the context of swallowing treatment. The course begins with an overview of the relevant anatomy and involved muscles, and the principles of muscle strengthening, atrophy, and re-training. The course then reviews research literature and potential applications for muscle strengthening within the context of dysphagia therapy.

For students interested in learning more about the future of swallowing evaluation and treatment, consider attending the Florida Dysphagia Institute 2.0 - a week long course featuring Dr. Michael Crary and Dr. Giselle Carnaby. The course takes place in Orlando, FL, and includes 32 Hours of CEUs with practical application, exhibitors and receptions. For more information visit the course WEBSITE or download the course BROCHURE. Learn more

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