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About Occupational Therapy Café

Occupational Therapy Café’s mission is to be a quality, consistent, reliable and easily accessible resource community for every occupational therapist worldwide. This is achieved by generating and promoting original evidence based content by global leaders in occupational therapy research and practice.

Featured Occupational Therapy Courses

Exercise Prescription in the Home: Mobility
presented by Wendy K. Anemaet

Video Runtime: 61 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 27 Minutes

This course is part of our GCS Prep-Program. Learn more about the full prep-program here: MedBridge GCS Prep-Program.

It is well known that exercise can help patients at all phases of their rehabilitation, but what exercises are best for patients with soft tissue and joint mobility restrictions? In order to improve function and activity exercises prescribed during this time one needs to enhance mobility without causing any setbacks. This course discusses the physiology behind soft tissue and joint mobility restrictions, how clinicians can use a clinical decision making process for therapeutic exercise prescription, and practical examples of assessing and prescribing exercise for improving mobility. With this information, clinicians enhance patient outcomes through appropriate use of exercise. Learn more

Getting Started in Early Intervention
presented by Nicole M. Sergent & Lacy D. Morise

So you think you’d like to work in Early Intervention? The EI setting is an excellent fit for the therapist that likes to work directly and intimately with families in a coaching model and who likes to be creative and resourceful in daily interventions. It can also be intimidating when first starting out due to the independence experienced with the in-home model vs. a clinic or hospital setting. In this course, seasoned early intervention therapists will walk you through all you need to know to start or enhance an existing successful career in early intervention. Topics covered include: federal law and state implementation related to EI services; common employment opportunities in EI, including business organizations; the journey from evaluation and assessment, to IFSP, to implementation of service, to transition/discharge; recommended assessment tools and intervention strategies and supplies; and helpful resources. Learn more

Fundamentals of Therapeutic Exercise Part One
presented by Kay Wing

Video Runtime: 23 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 21 Minutes

This course is part of our GCS Prep-Program. Learn more about the full prep-program here: MedBridge GCS Prep-Program.

When treating geriatric patients with neurological impairments, it is helpful to have a consistent, yet flexible approach. In this course, Dr. Kay Wing introduces layers of facilitation which, when used in conjunction with each other, enhance the response of the patient to the therapist's intervention regardless of their diagnosis or deficits. Using these principles of effective intervention within each treatment session will maximize benefit to the patient throughout all stages of recovery. This is the first part in a two-part lecture series on the layers of facilitation and provides the theoretical foundation for interventions in three demonstration-based courses. Learn more

Visual Perception and Childhood Occupations
presented by Jennifer Fortuna

This course, with Jennifer Fortuna, addresses an important aspect of daily living, learning, and play for children: visual perception. The course begins by defining visual perception and explaining it’s functional implications. Jennifer Fortuna then identifies and demonstrates key treatment strategies for children with visual perception problems. Learn more

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