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About SLPs of Color

We are speech-language pathologists and women of color working in a predominantly white field (like 92% white vs 7.9% other races). Listen to our conversations about our work, our interviews with other SLPs of color, and everything else in between on our podcast here.

We also offer an inclusive and intersectional community for Speech-Language Pathologists of Color via our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Recommended Courses

Social Determinants of Health: Addressing Health Disparities and Outcomes
presented by Breanna Lathrop

Video Runtime: 20 Minutes, Learning Assessments: 18 Minutes

Growing evidence illustrates the impact of social determinants of health on health outcomes, life expectancy, and health disparities. Frontline healthcare professionals often lack the education and training required to address social determinants of health in clinical practice. This course, designed for nurses, home health providers, and other auxiliary healthcare providers, will provide clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of social determinants of health (SDOH) and their impact on health status. It will highlight the correlation between health disparities and SDOH, with a focus on the impact of racism and other systems of oppression on disparities in SDOH. Clinicians will be exposed to relevant tools and resources for screening for and mitigating the impact of social determinants of health. Learn more

Cultural Humility With Transgender and Nonbinary People
presented by Wynde Vastine & Leah B. Helou

Video Runtime: 81 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 34 Minutes

Standard clinical practice often reinforces systems of oppression that fail to meet the needs of transgender and nonbinary individuals, particularly those who have identities that intersect with vectors of power (e.g., racism, ableism). This course will give guidance for establishing and maintaining a practice of cultural humility, starting first with understanding foundational terminology and then describing how transgender and nonbinary people are often harmed in traditional allied health settings despite the good intentions of all parties. The course then progresses to provide practical and effective strategies for personal and professional reflection and growth, and participants are encouraged to pause the course at various points to engage in their own reflection. This course is beneficial for all members of the allied health profession and has useful information for both educational and healthcare settings. Learn more

Gender Affirmative Voice Training: Approach and Technique
presented by Wynde Vastine & Leah B. Helou

Video Runtime: 80 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 20 Minutes

Transgender and/or nonbinary people and their vocal needs are gaining increased visibility. At the same time, even voice-specialized SLPs often struggle to know how to work with people in a way that fully honors their gender identity. Participants will gain an introductory understanding of the main target areas that a transgender person may wish to address in their voice and some foundational approaches for targeting these areas. Guidance will be provided on how to avoid enforcing a clinician’s own gender bias and other forms of microaggressions throughout the therapy and assessment process for truly patient-centered care. Learn more

Culturally Responsive Supervision
presented by Katrina E. Miller

Video Runtime: 39 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 28 Minutes

Often allied health professionals are trained to work with diverse clients but this same skill is not incorporated when working with student clinicians or colleagues. This course will define a variety of cultural knowledge terminology that will assist clinical educators when working with students and paraprofessionals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Barriers that can interfere with effective supervision will be identified, along with possible solutions for removing them.

Characteristics of culturally responsive supervisors will be presented with the desire to provide methods for developing and incorporating these characteristics into clinical practice. In an effort to improve clinical educators’ communication skills, possible individual biases will be identified and discussed. This course will benefit physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists who supervise student clinicians and paraprofessionals. Learn more

Implicit Bias: Strategies to Counter Bias in Clinical Interactions (Recorded Webinar)
presented by Bernadette Williams-York

"This course will be retired and no longer available as of January 13, 2023. Please complete the course by December 31, 2022 to receive credit or look for Strategies to Counter Implicit Bias in Clinical Interactions , available in the course catalogue.

" Video Runtime: 97 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 29 Minutes

Please note, this course does not satisfy the MI requirement on Implicit Bias. This course is a recording of a previously hosted live webinar event. Polling and question submission features are not available for this recording. Format and structure may differ from standard MedBridge courses.

As a rehabilitation professional, providing the highest-quality patient care is of the utmost importance and is one of the reasons you entered the profession. While utilizing the latest evidenced-based treatment techniques to return your patients to their optimum level of functioning and independence is critical, how effectively and compassionately you interact with your patients will ultimately determine whether or not they respond to your therapeutic interventions.

Research with health professionals has shown that implicit biases affect patient care. We all have implicit biases that are ingrained in us from childhood. Gaining awareness of these biases and learning how to consciously counteract their influence is critical to improving our interactions with our patients. In this webinar, which is specifically designed for PTs, OTs, and SLPs, we will define implicit bias, explore its effect on the clinician/patient relationship, and share strategies to combat it.

Learn more

Speech and Language Assessment for Bilingual Children
presented by Raul F. Prezas

Video Runtime: 75 Minutes; Learning Assessment Runtime: 28 Minutes

This course provides an overview of speech and language assessment with particular consideration of bilingual children. Global considerations for working with bilingual children will be presented, with particular emphasis on Spanish-English children. Guidelines for evidence-based assessment as well as dialectal differences and various types of assessments will be discussed. In addition, strategies for working with interpreters and conducting ethnographic interviews will be explored. This course is appropriate for speech-language pathologists working in any setting, but particularly targets those in school-based programs. Moreover, this course would be appropriate for teachers and educators. Learn more

Cultural Sensitivity in the Health Care Workplace
presented by Michelle Camicia

Video Runtime: 56 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 26 Minutes

This course gives students an overview of different cultures and their impact on the rehabilitation of patients and families. A brief review of selected cultures is included. Specific considerations common to diverse cultures are presented. Participants will learn to distinguish approaches to optimize care for individuals from various cultures. Knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will enable providers to work effectively across cultures to improve understanding and respect for cultural differences and similarities in beliefs, values, and practices will also be discussed. This course is appropriate for health care providers working in any setting. Learn more

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