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Smart Tools partners with MedBridge to provide the most innovative IASTM education on the market. Advance your knowledge and improve outcomes using MedBridge’s all-in-one solution.

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About Smart Tools

We are a family owned, clinician-run, USA based company that takes pride in designing and manufacturing all our products in the USA at FDA Registered and ISO certified facilities. Our company goal is to make the highest quality product and educational courses that we can, while making it affordable so that all providers can attend and implement our system immediately with their patients.

The Smart Tools are our flagship product since our founding in 2014 and are used for IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization). Unlike many IASTM tools currently on the market, the Smart Tools are made of medical grade 316 stainless steel, machined from a solid stock of metal, hand polished to a mirror-finish, and FDA Registered as a medical device. Most IASTM tools are casted metal, which is pouring molten steel into a dye and creating the shape of the tool. The problem with this method is the creation of air pockets in the metal, which result in a dull tissue feedback to the practitioner. By deriving our IASTM tools from a solid stock of metal (not casting), it prevents air pockets from forming in the metal and giving the practitioner a superior feel that has made our IASTM tools one of the most popular in the world. Our premium quality products, combined with our IASTM certification courses, are a combination that can't be found anywhere else.

In 2018, we launched our Smart Cuffs for blood flow restriction (BFR) training. This modality is a true game changer in the world of rehab, sports training, bodybuilding, and general fitness. Blood flow restriction training goes by many terms (KAATSU, occlusion training, BFR, etc.), but all are striving for the same goal: allowing you to train at lower loads while achieving the same results you would get at training at higher loads. While the bulk of blood flow restriction research is done using practical BFR (using nothing more than a floss band or knee strap), the problem has always been consistency from one session to the next since practical BFR is not quantifiable or repeatable. The Smart Cuffs solve this problem. By utilizing a palm sphygmomanometer, you know exactly how much pressure you are applying to the Cuffs to replicate the results in the literature. We also have developed a blood flow restriction training course to further hone your skills and teach how to program BFR for specific patient and client populatons. Being consistent with what our company stands for, the combination of evidence-based BFR programming and creating affordable yet high quality BFR Cuff, is something we take great pride in. In addition, we are only 1 of 2 blood flow restriction training products to be granted FDA Listing as a Class 1 Medical Device. The Smart Cuffs are also manufactured in an FDA Registered and ISO medical device certified facility.

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Evidence-based courses, live patient demos, and interactive learning assessments

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Thousands of exercises vetted by industry professionals with easy patient access

Patient Education

3D models, animated videos, and handouts customizable to meet your client's needs

Improve Outcomes

We believe education is the most powerful way to improve outcomes. With access to the highest quality continuing education, patient education, and home exercise programs, MedBridge gives you and your patients the tools needed to improve clinical outcomes.

Earn all your CEUs in One Place

We provide the highest quality online education for Physical Therapists taught by industry-leading professionals. Our evidence-based video courses provide a convenient, cost-effective solution to expand your knowledge, better serve your patients, and advance your career.

  • A growing library of over 1,200 accredited courses and live webinars covering multiple specialties and settings
  • Engaging presentations with live patient demos, 3D models, and motion graphics
  • Case-based learning assessments to test your knowledge and handouts for use in everyday practice

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Increase Patient Engagement

Engage your patients in their recovery. Our easy-to-build home exercise programs are an extension of your practice in your patient’s home. Give your patients the tools they need to stay disciplined and get better faster.

  • Over 6,000 video-based exercises and 300 patient education resources for different specialties and conditions
  • Easy-to-build programs with drag and drop functionality, pre-built templates, and smart search
  • HIPAA-compliant online patient portal, mobile app, patient satisfaction surveys, and tools for easy documentation in your EMR

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Sean Bagbey, PTA, MHA, ATC, CIRS, Clinical Manager

“MedBridge has far exceeded the educational aspects that I expected. The added features like patient education and HEP make this one of the best all-around values for your educational dollars.”

Sean Bagbey, PTA, MHA, ATC, CIRS, Clinical Manager,
OSMO Rehabilitation Services

Jessica Seaburg, PT, DPT

“I highly recommend MedBridge to PTs and clinics who want to take their skills and clinical outcomes to the next level! The value for the cost is unbeatable.”

Jessica Seaburg, PT, DPT,
Freestone Rehabilitation

John Kiesel, PT, DPT

“MedBridge allows me to quickly access a wide variety of topics from expert clinicians and world-class researchers... it gives me confidence to make meaningful changes in my practice.”

John Kiesel, PT, DPT,
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

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