Why Advanced Certification Matters: 3 Reasons Your Organization Needs to Offer Certification Prep

Looking to reduce organizational costs, increase patient retention, and improve outcomes? It’s a complicated problem with an easy solution: integrate Advanced Certification Prep into your organization. 

Unfortunately, pricing and timing deter many clinicians from pursuing these specialized degrees —programs can be expensive costing as little as $500, and often much more. With MedBridge, customized SCS, OCS, NCS, GCS and PCS test preparation programs are included at no additional charge in our enterprise solution.

Read on to understand how to reap the benefits and watch your organization thrive as a new paradigm of successful healthcare.

Specialist certification programs allow physical therapists to specify their area of focus, broaden their knowledge base, and advance their professional development. Concentrating on one of the nine fields of certification not only advances a clinician’s education but also produces on-going benefits to their patients and practice.

Integrating advanced certification prep programs into your organization yields three key benefits.

Employee Development and Advancement

Incorporating certification prep programs into your organization’s employee benefits demonstrates devotion to your clinicians, their careers, and the advancement of the healthcare industry. Beyond the immediately relevant clinical takeaways, providing professional development opportunities builds your organization from within by promoting mentorship, collaboration, and forward-thinking. Take a quick glimpse at the potential benefits that result from providing advanced education to your clinicians:

  • Refined and specified skill sets = reduced organizational costs 
  • Highlighted clinical passion and commitment = increased patient retention
  • Fosters an elite community of like-minded individuals = improved outcomes

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Influential Reputation, Retention, and Recruitment Tool

Adding prep programs into your organization serves as a powerful marketing and recruiting tool. Access to certification prep offers unique and attractive mentorship and professional development opportunities that benefit both your existing team and perspective clinicians. Your organization’s support of its clinicians’ career and skills advancement demonstrates your continual commitment to providing the best possible care via the latest, most progressive techniques. This consistency of care increases patient engagement and ensures patient retention as well. Certification prep programs and mentorship opportunities instantly associate several positive attributes with your business:

  • Dedication to advanced knowledge and skills
  • Focus on accelerating growth, networking, and mentorship
  • Recognition as an industry leader by both peers and patients

Elevated Clinical Excellence

Positive patient outcomes are healthcare providers’ number one priority, and specialist certification promotes this level of care. When clinicians pursue specialization and discover their own strengths and weaknesses, coverage is focused and unnecessary interventions are reduced. Here’s a sampling of the tools that enable prep programs to increase patient engagement and improve outcomes:

  • Relevant and up-to-date curriculum
  • Industry-leading instructors
  • Practical and clinically relevant techniques

SCS, OCS, GCS, NCS and PCS prep programs are included at no additional cost in the annual MedBridge subscription.