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Private Practice Business Recovery Resources & Training

A vital part of business recovery is engaging patients, both existing and new. Whether that's leveraging telehealth or encouraging more patients to visit you in-clinic, we've provided resources to help.

Get the Message Out to Your Patients with Our Free Patient Marketing Guide

To fully recover from the current crisis, it’s not enough to just adopt telehealth as a care delivery option. You need to be able to effectively connect with both new and existing patients and inform them of the treatment options available to them.

We've created a free marketing guide to serve as a companion piece to the videos shared below to help you better understand not only how to use these resources, but also how to successfully market your practice and drive more rapid business recovery.

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Increase Patient Awareness of and Interest in Telehealth

Educate Patients on How Telehealth Compares to In-Person Visits

Promote the Benefits of Direct Access to Your Patients

Reassure Patients of the Safety of Returning to the Clinic

Help Patients Understand What to Expect from Telehealth

Encourage Patients to Continue Their Recovery at the Clinic

Training and Resources for MedBridge Clients

If you’re a MedBridge client, you can also access an extensive collection of training resources and marketing assets designed to help you effectively drive utilization and adoption of our Patient Engagement Solution.

From implementation guides and training videos to email messaging and social media assets, we have you covered.

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Not a MedBridge client? Find out how we can help your organization accelerate your business recovery.

Expedite Your Recovery with the MedBridge Business Recovery Solution

Our Business Recovery Solution delivers the capabilities you need to boost patient volumes and revenue, reduce costs, improve outcomes, empower your staff, and innovate to meet the challenges that lie ahead.