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ICF Best Practice Recommendations: Lateral Ankle Sprain Interventions

presented by Todd E. Davenport, PT, DPT, MPH, OCS

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Lateral ankle sprains are a common injury that frequently results in prolonged pain and disability. The research evidence for physical therapy management of lateral ankle sprains is increasingly voluminous, making it difficult for the busy physical therapist to keep up their reading of the latest research evidence in order to engage in evidence based practice. This course provides recommended interventions based on the clinical practice guidelines for lateral ankle sprain and applies the interventions through a patient case scenario. Specific practical approaches and pearls will be highlighted, in order to help the learner integrate best practice recommendations from the clinical practice guideline.

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Meet Your Instructor

Todd E. Davenport, PT, DPT, MPH, OCS

Todd serves as professor and vice-chair of the Department of Physical Therapy in the School of Health Sciences at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where he teaches in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. Todd is a graduate of the University of Southern California's DPT and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency programs.…

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1. Interventions: Manual Therapy

Hands-on treatments are very common in physical therapy and may be appropriately applied to people with lateral ankle sprains to reduce symptoms, improve range of motion, and increase function. The purpose of this chapter is to describe the research evidence and also guidelines-informed applications of specific manual physical therapy interventions.

2. Interventions: Therapeutic Exercise

This chapter will review therapeutic exercise applications for people with ankle sprains. Physical therapists, as human movement specialists, use exercise and activity as their chief form of intervention. The ability for physical therapists to plan and progress an exercise program for people with lateral ankle sprains will be critical for the best possible patient outcomes.

3. Other Interventions

Early supported mobilization, manual therapy, and exercise form the backbone for best practices in physical therapy management of lateral ankle sprains. Other interventions were cited in the clinical practice guideline as having strong evidence for effectiveness, as well. The purpose of this section is to discuss strategies for providing other interventions that have a high likelihood of contributing to beneficial patient outcomes, specifically, external support and cryotherapy.

4. Application of the CPG to a Patient Case: Process, Pitfalls, and Pearls

The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate the application of the CPG to a specific patient’s case, in order to provide a comprehensive example of how the course content can be utilized.

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