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Infection Control: The Basics

This course provides an orientation on the chain of infection, common pathogens, standard precautions, and the types of controls used in your workplace to minimize pathogens. These components are the basics of infection control that are needed in all healthcare settings to protect the safety of patients and healthcare personnel. Practices in this course align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Core Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Safe Healthcare Delivery in All Settings.

1) Provide an orientation to infection control for all healthcare settings
2) Overview common pathogens and their methods of transmission
3) Discuss the chain of infection and workplace controls designed to break it
4) Detail standard precautions and address what and when to employ transmission-based precautions
5) Address the benefits and parts of antimicrobial stewardship programs

This course has also been verified to align with the CHAP: Hospice Standards of Excellence HIPC 9.I in Hospice Infection Prevention and Control, and HSEP 2.D in Hospice Emergency Preparedness; and Home Health Standards of Excellence IPC.8.I in Infection Prevention and Control, and EP.1.D.M1 in Emergency Preparedness. In addition, it aligns with ACHC standards for home health and hospice, and it provides training to help organizations comply with the OSH Act of 1970 and to meet the following federal regulations related to hospice, home health, long-term care, and hospital services: Estimated Runtime: 15 minutes
Last Updated: April 14, 2023
Publication Year: 2022

Reviewed and approved by
Anne Pierce, RN, LNC, RAC-CT

NOTE: This course is not a substitute for legal advice for any individual provider or situation. Always consult your company’s legal or compliance personnel with any questions or concerns related to this subject matter.

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