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Step By Step: Teaching Your Clients Pelvic Floor Range of Motion (Recorded Webinar)

presented by Lindsey Vestal, OTR/L

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Financial: Lindsey Vestal receives compensation from MedBridge for this course.

Nonfinancial: Lindsey Vestal has no competing nonfinancial interests or relationships with regard to the content presented in this course.

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Video Runtime: 57 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 9 Minutes

Many occupational therapy practitioners grapple with initiating conversations about pelvic health, leaving a critical practice gap in addressing issues like incontinence with their patients, from adolescents to older adults. This webinar is designed to bridge that gap, offering a guide on introducing the topic, guiding clients through self-assessment of pelvic floor range of motion, and providing invaluable cues for understanding these muscles' daily functionality. Tailored for occupational therapy practitioners seeking enhanced communication skills in pelvic health, this webinar equips you with practical tools to seamlessly broach the subject. Delve into diverse methods for helping clients assess their own range of motion, empowering them to take an active role in their pelvic health journey. Our expert-led session ensures you gain the confidence and communication finesse necessary to make a lasting impact on your clients' well-being. Join us and revolutionize your practice in this essential area. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise and enhance the quality of care you provide in a way that will dramatically impact your clients' quality of life.

Learning Objectives
  • Define the mobility of the pelvic floor and its impact on a client's performance of and participation in meaningful occupations
  • Identify how the client can use landmarks of the pelvis to connect with their pelvic floor range of motion
  • Recognize that pelvic health is an underdiscussed topic and that OTPs are in a unique position to empower our clients by using therapeutic use of self
  • List several verbal and visual cues for uptraining and downtraining the pelvic floor

Meet Your Instructor

Lindsey Vestal, OTR/L

Lindsey Vestal is an occupational therapist internationally known for her advocacy for occupational therapy's role in pelvic health. She was the first OT to start a private practice specializing in pelvic health in New York City in 2014 and in Paris in 2019. Now her company, The Functional Pelvis, focuses solely on teaching OTs how…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

1. Breaking the Silence: Initiating Pelvic Floor Conversations

Explore effective strategies for initiating discussions on pelvic health, addressing the hesitation many occupational therapists face when broaching this critical topic with clients. Learn communication techniques and a simple outcome measure to create a safe and open environment for clients of all ages.

2. Self-Discovery: Guiding Clients Through Pelvic Floor Range-of-Motion Assessment

Dive into practical methods and activities that empower clients to assess their own pelvic floor range of motion. Gain insights into techniques that foster a client-centered approach, promoting active client participation in their own well-being.

3. Visualizing the Unseen: Cues for Understanding Pelvic Floor Movement

Uncover the visual and verbal cues that demystify the intricate movement of pelvic floor muscles. Learn how to communicate these cues to clients effectively, enhancing their understanding of how pelvic floor function impacts their daily lives and activities.

4. Question and Answer Session

In this chapter, Lindsey will review and answer the questions asked during the webinar.

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