Outcomes Tracking
and Reporting

Reduce operational overhead and save time. Identify costly gaps in outcome scores and easily implement improvement programs to improve patient outcomes and profitability.

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Pinpoint Gaps in Your Organization

Evaluate quality of care based on regions, clinics, and clinicians. With the highly visual, interactive outcomes dashboard, you can quickly recognize gaps in performance as they arise and identify patterns within your organization, before they become a problem.

  • Customizable visual reporting dashboard reflect your organization
  • Intuitive filters and reports drill down from the organizational level to individual clinician performance to show current scores or trends over time
  • Color coded metrics identify performance status at a glance

Drive Action with Your Data

Get immediate data-driven recommendations of clinical education, patient education, and home exercise programs. Leverage high-performing clinicians to boost outcomes results across your organization.

  • Proprietary algorithm recommends MedBridge courses and home exercise programs based on performance gaps
  • Recognize and remedy gaps in performance with education targeted for areas of improvement
  • Leaderboards showcase top and bottom performers, identifying potential mentors and highlight individuals needing attention

Improve Profitability & Partner Relationships

Drive revenue by showing payers and partners your outcomes data and action plan to reinforce that you are providing the best quality of care.

  • Customizable notification system and triggered emails to meet your organization's needs
  • Professional company branded reports demonstrate your organization’s outcomes scores to patients and physicians

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