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Survey Survival: How to Be Prepared for Any Survey

We all dread finding out that the surveyor is about to arrive or is already in our building! The survey process can so often feel like having to take a test one is unprepared for. The requirements are complex and, unless followed correctly, can result in multiple deficiencies, Condition of Participation violations, and hefty fines. Obtaining accurate information from governmental sources can at times be overwhelming and confusing. But with the right preparation, survey becomes a much less stressful process.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to establish a strong foundation for survey readiness
  • What to expect before, during, and after the survey process—from pre-survey preparation to the Exit Conference 
  • What to do if the surveyor finds areas of deficiency
  • How to leverage digital solutions to help survey-proof your organization
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About the White Paper

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Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC

Who is this white paper for?

This white paper is an ideal resource for:

  • All practitioners in leadership roles
  • Healthcare executives, C-suite, owners
  • Managers, administrators, and other healthcare leaders

These best practices can be applied in the following settings:

  • Home Health
  • Hospice

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