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Did you know the average student debt load for new clinician grads is $150,000? In this chapter, you will unlock the five strategies you need to break free from student loan debt and pay off loans faster.

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Tim Fraticelli, DPT, MBA, CFP®

As the owner of PTProgress, Tim Fraticelli, a Certified Financial Planner and Physical Therapist, is uniquely positioned to provide strategies for establishing successful habits and making smarter financial decisions. His featured course series reflects his in-depth knowledge, practical insights, and passion for helping others achieve financial freedom.


Improve Your Financial Health

Establish successful habits and make smarter financial decisions with our 3-part course series.

Master Your Money

Join expert Tim Fraticelli, DPT, MBA, CFP® to learn the essentials of personal finance that were never taught in school.

Become Financially Confident
Create a financial plan and budget with printable templates.
Overcome Student Loans
Learn how to pay off student loans faster with strategies such as repayment programs.
Manage Debt & Build Credit
Improve your credit score with actionable tips and a downloadable checklist.
Build a Foundation for Wealth
Learn how to successfully save, invest, manage insurance, and create an estate plan.

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