Crystal Schissler

Meet Crystal

Senior Product Manager, Grower of Plants, and Solver of Problems

Crystal is passionate about exploring how technology can increase human empathy and engagement, can remove educational barriers, and can result in organic and meaningful collaboration. She's a strong team leader with a fondness for product management.

6 Questions with Crystal

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How do you connect to the mission of MedBridge?

Everything links back to our mission statement of improving lives and our values of Passion, Collaboration, Quality, and Resourcefulness. Every problem can be better solved by keeping those things in mind.

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What’s your favorite part about working in the Pacific Northwest?

It's the only place in the United States with a temperate rainforest. That means the tallest trees, the freshest air, and the best camping/outdoor activity on the planet.

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What’s your MedBridge story?

Entertainment Industry Writer -> Casting Director -> Casting/Production Software -> High Production Value Education Software (MedBridge)

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Explain your job to a small child.

A product manager identifies what should be built next and why. Leading a talented team; they identify problems, define solutions, then work with the team to put those ideas into action. As an example: if you had a good bike, but wanted it to be the best bike in the neighborhood, a product manager would help figure out what would make the bike better (go faster, look cooler, be safer) then call up four friends to all work on your bike at the same time so it can be finished in time for you to ride it around next weekend.

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What do you love about working at MedBridge?

Our team is more than just a group of passionate people. We truly function as a collaborative unit, and enjoy each other's company both inside and outside of work.

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What’s your hidden talent?

Growing plants and finding lost things.

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