Kristin Yeasting

Meet Kristin

Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Bar Trivia Specialist

Kristin embodies MedBridge. Maybe it's because she has been here since the beginning, or maybe it's because she has done everything at some point in her seven years here. It might also be because she's a rockstar — she thrives off her coworkers' passion, embraces collaboration, finds motivation in our mission, and still has fun day in and day out.

6 Questions with Kristin

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How do you connect to the mission of MedBridge?

I'm really motivated by the fact that the products we provide have such a positive impact on our customers and their patients. It's fun to run into a physical therapist "in the wild," and ask if they know MedBridge and for them to respond that the love it and continue to gush about the quality, improvement in their patient care, and how much their patients like it. Education really is the best way to change lives and MedBridge does it so well!

Home exercise program portal and printouts
Why did you choose MedBridge?

As one of the original employees, I think the better question (for my story) is why I chose to stay at MedBridge, especially during difficult long days in the early years getting things up and running. It was hands down the people that I was working with. We were a tight knit group, working really hard, but somehow still having fun! It was so motivating to spend the day working towards a common goal with such smart, passionate, and capable people. That has been a constant throughout my many years at MedBridge, both with old and new coworkers alike.

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What’s your MedBridge story?

I started working at MedBridge as an intern, initially working on CE Tracker, researching continuing education requirements for PTs in all 50 states. CE Tracker was going to allow users to track credits against state requirements. The team was impressed with my research and quickly hired me to manage a remote dev team to build CE Tracker. It was a big challenge - little did I know it would be just the first of many more to come!

That all eventually transitioned over to "officially" working for MedBridge on course production. I spent a year and half managing the pre-production, video shoots, and post production for our courses (from about 5 to 105 courses in the library). Then I transitioned to work on building the exercise video library for our new HEP product. I spent several years as a product manager and continued to grow that team. Now, I'm focusing on business intelligence and reporting.

Home exercise program portal and printouts
What’s your work jam?


Home exercise program portal and printouts
If you were a crayon in a crayon box what color would you be and why?

Husky Purple - Go Dawgs!

Home exercise program portal and printouts
What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Launching the HEP product – we had to build the exercise video library from scratch. I learned a lot about physical therapy and exercises in the previous few years while working with our awesome instructors on course production. I was also gaining experience in video production and had a background in technology from college. All of those diverse skills came into play with that project, which made it especially meaningful.

The best part was knowing that we were providing a powerful and important solution for our customers. Looking at the competition, we knew we could easily blow them out of the water with our high-quality content and a much better platform, ultimately helping us more effectively reach our goal of improving patient lives.

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