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MedBridge Engages Staff and Reduces Costs at Tx:Team

Company Profile
  • Founded in 1983
  • Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN
  • 15 Locations
  • Partnered with MedBridge since 2016
  • http://txteam.com

Improve staff recruitment and engaging in the most cost-effective way possible.


Efficient onboarding and a powerful continuing education program.

Client Challenges

Tx:Team is a full-service outsourcing solution for healthcare providers and a provider of onsite physical and occupational therapy for employers. Working with hospitals, retirement communities, and employer-based clinics, the company builds trusted relationships with patients, physicians, nurses, case managers, administrators, and employees. Tx:Team believes in the successful development of every staff member by offering competitive pay and a benefits package that includes robust continuing education opportunities.

With MedBridge, Tx:Team set out to improve candidate selection and employee recruitment, onboarding, and staff engagement through a cost-effective, all-in-one education solution.

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MedBridge Solutions

Tx:Team has leveraged MedBridge to improve onboarding processes and staff education through:

  • Assigning Knowledge Tracks to streamline onboarding and training

  • Engaging staff with powerful online continuing education resources

  • Leading with MedBridge as an education benefit in recruiting

  • Mitigating risk and expanding into more employer-based clinics with strong regulatory and compliance training

  • Creating customized training for non-hospital associates in employer-based clinics and retirement communities

  • Supporting non-clinical staff with impactful training resources

ROI on online education spend
saved in yearly continuing education spend
increase in staff continuing education participation
course completions since 2016
more efficient onboarding process
minutes saved a year on new hire onboarding training


Cost Savings

By transitioning to an online education solution from traditional offsite education, Tx:Team decreased its yearly spending on continuing education by $13,500—achieving an ROI of 33 percent in just one year.

Staff Engagement

Since implementing MedBridge in 2016, Tx:Team associates across seven states have racked up 1,171 course completions and earned 2,615 CEUs. With this, the company has also seen an increase in engagement and participation.

Before MedBridge, Tx:Team offered employees traditional continuing education programs, which called for travel and time away from home and patient care. With increasingly busy lifestyles, employees were met with the challenge of utilizing the full benefit.

With unlimited access to MedBridge, a platform that offers a convenient and flexible learning environment, the company's annual education participation rate has grown from 40 percent to 82 percent.

Efficient Onboarding

Before implementing MedBridge, all Tx:Team new hires were required to spend time watching compliance and regulatory videos. Today, Tx:Team uses MedBridge Knowledge Tracks to assign modules and has decreased the average completion time to 15-20 minutes, boosting efficiency by 67 percent.

With an average of 84 new hires each year, Tx:Team saves 30 minutes on each training program, equating to 2,520 minutes of times savings in just one year—an average ROI of $1,596.

Staff Recruitment

Potential job candidates view Tx:Team's MedBridge education benefit as a market differentiator, which has led to increased interest during the recruitment process.

“MedBridge is a great tool for attracting and hiring talent at Tx:Team. When recruiting a candidate, I always share Tx:Team’s values, which include continuous learning. Healthcare is always evolving, and clinicians are interested in how they can advance their knowledge and career. It is important for us to meet that need, and MedBridge helps us do that. When a job candidate learns that they’ll be able to take unlimited courses with MedBridge through our company, it makes them feel they will be invested in—increasing their interest in Tx:Team.

— Katie Guerdan, SHRM-CP, Manager of Human Resources

“We believe in the value of developing each and every associate at Tx:Team. MedBridge allows our therapists to engage in more evidence-based clinical learning while reducing our overall expenses.
Carroll Nelligan, MHA, OTR, President and COO

About Tx:Team

Tx:Team is unique in the healthcare industry, offering a variety of services ranging from the highest-quality rehabilitation and therapy services to management and consulting services. Tx:Team partners with hospitals, retirement communities, and employer-based clinics. Tx:Team builds trusted relationships with patients, healthcare providers, administrators and its associates.