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Cultural Competence in End-of-Life Care

presented by Danette M. Muzic, MA

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Video Runtime: 46 Minutes; Learning Assessment Time: 34 Minutes

Cultural competence in end-of-life care is critical. This course reviews the necessary components to understanding one's culture and delivering care accordingly. This course clarifies the essence of cultural competence for end-of-life caregivers. The course emphasizes how one's culture can inform views of pain, illness, treatment, and death. It also examines the possibility of cultural conflicts between patient and caregiver and how to respond when they occur--upholding the necessity of cultural humility as an essential quality for resolving barriers. This course also provides practical guidelines for enhancing one's cultural competence. Additionally, the CONFHER assessment tool is described as a validated tool for assessing culture. This course is appropriate for hospice leadership, registered nurses, social workers, spiritual care providers, and bereavement coordinators.

Meet Your Instructor

Danette M. Muzic, MA

After spending 15 years in private practice counseling, Danette M. Muzic felt as though she had come home when she began hospice work more than 12 years ago. Danette is passionate about companioning patients and families through the dying process and bereavement. As manager of support services for a large hospice organization, Danette developed a…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. What Is Culture?

In this chapter, we define culture and describe the possibility of cultural conflict between health care provider and patient. Cultural humility is highlighted as an essential quality of personal reflection for all health care team members in order to identify potential biases and conflicts that may arise with patients and families.

2. An Evidence-Based Cultural Assessment

This chapter includes a description of the CONFHER assessment tool and questions to ask for each category. Additionally, it is important to explore specific death rituals with patients and families in order to collaborate and companion well during the dying process.

3. How Culture Informs End-of-Life Care

This chapter acknowledges the varied perspectives on death and dying. One’s culture—including but not limited to religious views—informs how one thinks and feels about illness, treatment, dying, and the afterlife. Conducting assessments throughout the patient’s entire length of stay is necessary, as perspectives evolve as the patient’s condition changes.

4. What Does Cultural Competence Look Like?

In this chapter, we describe the qualities of culturally competent caregivers. Accomplished caregivers respect and understand the necessity to accept individuals with differing beliefs and worldviews. This chapter includes a conversation with a hospice social worker and her experience with cultural competence.

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