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Human Resources Management (HRM): A Rehabilitation Focus

presented by Ron Scott, PT, JD, EdD

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Financial: Ron Scott receives compensation from MedBridge for this course. There is no financial interest beyond the production of this course.

Non-Financial: Ron Scott has no competing non-financial interests or relationships with regard to the content presented in this course.

Satisfactory completion requirements: All disciplines must complete learning assessments to be awarded credit, no minimum score required unless otherwise specified within the course.

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This case-based course examines current issues and trends in organizational theory, behavior, and culture; leadership and management principles; and human resource management issues. The online viewer will learn to effectively manage human and nonhuman resources to provide optimal quality rehabilitation services based on established plans of care. Ron Scott discusses in depth how to legally and ethically supervise and manage professionals to whom tasks have been delegated in support of patient care service delivery. He reviews how to effectively prevent and manage allegations of workplace sexual harassment and misconduct, including PISBs (patient-initiated sexual behaviors). Through the use of case studies, Ron applies employment law principles to actual scenarios. Upon completion of this course, learners will gain the insight and structure to be able to simultaneously provide optimal quality patient care and practice effective liability risk management in rehabilitation practice settings.

Meet Your Instructor

Ron Scott, PT, JD, EdD

Dr. Scott is a health law attorney-mediator and educator. He is a faculty member at Rocky Mountain University, the University of Montana, Rehab Essentials, and MedBridge Inc. Dr. Scott's principal teaching interests include healthcare ethics, law, management, and policy. He developed two widely utilized health professional practice tools: the systems approach to ethical decision-making and…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Introduction to HRM

Evaluate HRM’s importance in health care organizations (HCOs). Examine the attributes of a “profession.” Develop “best (organizational culture) practices” to recognize and support one another in rehabilitation work settings.

2. Recruitment, Selection & Retention of Key People

Understand key quantitative HR recruitment tools: yield ratios, Markov analysis. Review and perfect your professional resume. Achieve and facilitate co-professionals’ achievement of self-actualization.

3. Gender Discrimination: Sexual Harassment

Analyze workplace gender discrimination, and be prepared to be part of its solution. Evaluate the two forms of sexual harassment. Resolve relevant cases presented.

4. Team Management, Leadership, Workplace Diversity

Reflect on team management problems you have experienced, and their resolution. Incorporate new ideas presented herein. Assess you leadership style, and that of your work colleagues. Appreciate and advocate for workplace diversity among staff in rehabilitation settings.

5. Performance Appraisals, Compensation Management, Union Issues, Employee Discipline, Job Satisfaction, Safety/Health, EAPs

Evaluate performance appraisal methods, and select the optimal one for your staff. Understand progressive discipline, and meet ethical & legal standards when implementing it. Take appropriate steps to optimize employee job satisfaction (morale) and productivity.

6. Summative Case Analyses

Analyze and satisfactorily resolve complex cases presenting HRM issues. Achieve, and facilitate the achievement in workplace colleagues, of self-actualization. Synthesize principles learned into clinical practice.

7. Q&A HRM

A panel discussion between Ron and colleagues on healthcare human resource management.

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