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Spinal Cord Injury Overview

presented by Candy Tefertiller, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS

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This course will provide clinicians with a basic understanding of the demographic and financial implications associated with SCI. They will also gain an understanding of the major medical complications impacting an individual with an SCI and how to assist patients/families with limiting and/or preventing some of the long term negative health complications associated with immobility. Finally, clinicians will gain an understanding of the International Standards for the Neurologic Classification of spinal cord injury and the impact location of injury and severity of injury have on predicting outcomes after SCI.

Meet Your Instructor

Candy Tefertiller, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS

Candace Tefertiller, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS, is the Executive Director of Research and Evaluation at Craig Hospital and the Helen Phillips Levin Endowed Chair of Research. Dr. Tefertiller is currently the Co-Project Director for the Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems and Co-Project Director for the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems at Craig. She is also…

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1. Demographics and Financial Implications

It’s important for clinicians who are providing care to individuals with spinal cord injuries to have a good understanding of the available literature describing expected outcomes and to know how the financial implications associated with this inury will impact the patient and their family.

2. Secondary Medical Complications Associated with SCI

There are many secondary medical complications associated with SCI that negatively impact QOL and may ultimately result in death. Respiratory complications and infections are the two most common causes of death after SCI. Other common medical complications include gastrointestinal dysfunction, skin breakdown, and urinary tract infections.

3. Predicting Outcomes after SCI

This chapter provides an overview of the current state of the literature regarding predicting outcomes after SCI.

4. SCI Classification

International Standards for the neurologic classification of Spinal Cord Injury (ISNCSCI) is the primary clinical diagnostic tool and outcome measure used in SCI. It’s important for clinicians to understand important terms associated with ISNCSCI as well as the process for completing motor/sensory testing and for scoring the ISNCSCI. An online tool has recently been created for scoring the ISNCSCI, and the use of this tool will be reviewed in this chapter as well.

5. Severity and Location of Injury

This chapter will describe the process for scoring ISNCSCI with case study demonstrations (two examples). The 2017 ASIA standards and ASIA online learning center will be referenced, and examples of sores using the online ISNCSCI algorithm will be provided. Clinical syndromes will also be discussed along with consideration regarding the neural pathways that are most likely impacted by each syndrome.

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