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Strength and Conditioning in Sports

presented by Susan Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, RYT®

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This course is designed to give the physical therapist a fundamental understanding of strength and conditioning. Susan Falsone will review basic muscle physiology and energy systems and apply metabolic and structural adaptations to both aerobic and anaerobic exercise training. Multiple demonstrations and lectures will thoroughly explore testing modalities for aerobic capacity, strength, power and agility. The participant will learn how to design and implement physiologically based aerobic and anaerobic training programs.

Meet Your Instructor

Susan Falsone, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, RYT®

Susan Falsone is currently the owner of Dr. Ma's Systemic Dry Needling and S&F: Structure and Function. Sue worked as the Head of Athletic Training and Sport Performance with US Soccer's Men's National Team. Sue worked at Athletes' Performance for 13 years, last serving as the Vice President of Performance Physical Therapy and Team Sport.…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Systems

This chapter introduces participants to basic muscle physiology, including muscle fiber types, inherent qualities and recruitment patterns, as it relates to aerobic and anaerobic exercise demands. Participants will learn to describe the basic energy systems used by skeletal muscle for exercise, and will gain a more holistic understanding of how the body adapts to exercise.

2. Systems Response to Exercise

To understand how body systems respond to exercise, Susan Falsone provides an overview of metabolic and structural adaptations to both aerobic and anaerobic exercise training. Upon viewing, participants will be able to describe both central and peripheral cardiorespiratory adaptations to exercise.

3. Strength and Conditioning Program Design and Implementation

In this chapter, Falsone teaches participants how to apply the knowledge of physiological and metabolic adaptions to exercise in order to effectively design and implement aerobic and anaerobic training programs.

4. Resistance and Anaerobic Training Programs

Resistance and anaerobic training programs are important to gauge aerobic capacity, strength, power and agility. In this chapter, Susan Falsone describes the basic exercise tests implemented to test for these skills, and identifies the components of successful resistance training programs.

5. Plyometrics and Agility

In this chapter, Susan Falsone will discuss plyometrics and the key terms related to designing an effective plyometric program. Participants will learn to identify and implement the 4 types of plyometrics (rapid response, short response, long response and very long response), as well as appropriately execute plyometrics using non-counter movement, counter movement, double contact, and continuous movement.

6. Case Study - Periodization

This case study with athlete Alex Konicke discusses periodization and analyzes his approaches to training. The discussion will include three cycles of periodization and will touch on strategies for periodization to meet the athlete's goal.

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