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Patient Engagement Solution

Decrease Unnecessary In-Person Visits
and the Cost of Care

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The Problem

Home health agencies need ways to reduce the cost of care, manage utilization, and help keep patients safe in their home to reduce readmission rates and cost per episode of care.

Our Solution

Replace or supplement unnecessary in-person visits and provide the right level of care by using digital tools to extend care between visits and help patients get better, faster.

The Benefits

Lower cost per episode of care

Improve chronic condition management

Improve the patient experience

Reduce readmissions

Manage utilization

The Results

MedBridge has helped home health agencies:

  • Better engage their patients between in-person visits
  • Improve access to high-quality care
  • Improve functional scores
  • Reduce cost of care
  • Increase patients’ satisfaction with the care they receive

1 Greene, J., Hibbard, J. H., Sacks, R., Overton, V., & Parrotta, C. D. (2015). When patient activation levels change, health outcomes and costs change, too. Health Affairs, 34(3), 431–437.


Savings per patient when they have a high level of engagement1


Of MedBridge providers reported improved patient satisfaction


Reduction in cost of care for engaged patients1

How We Do It

Elevate the patient experience and reduce unnecessary visits with patient-friendly education, exercises,
and online communication tools that motivate, empower, and support patients.

Create condition-focused templates

Easily create best-practice HEP templates and customized patient education to enhance self-management of acute and
chronic conditions.

Assign program to
targeted patients

Assign templates based on patient type and condition, from chronic conditions like COPD and CHF to falls, TJR, pressure wounds,
and more.

Progress the program
& monitor adherence

Efficiently progress patients by updating their program throughout the episode of care to support timely outcomes and
patient satisfaction.

Check in anytime, anywhere

Leverage telehealth, patient feedback, and messaging to support the patient throughout their care plan and ensure a premium
patient experience.

Support and engage patients throughout the episode of care

Elevate quality of care

Improve patient self-management and drive adherence with high-quality education and engagement tools.

Improve readmission rates

Standardize pathways of care with templated programs for staff
and patients.

Drive satisfaction and adherence

Drive engagement by messaging patients between visits and monitoring satisfaction, adherence, and pain levels with real-time patient feedback.

Reduce unnecessary in-person visits and optimize margins

Leverage patient education and virtual care tools to create a more blended model.

Your complete patient engagement suite

Telehealth Virtual Visits

Patient Education & Exercises

Patient Mobile App

Messaging & Patient Feedback

NPS® & Booster Shots

Patient Adherence Tracking

Best Practice Training

Transform Your Patient Experience

Standardize HEP programs to maximize outcomes

Create customizable templates, following best practices.

Leverage patient data to improve quality

Easily track adherence and fine-tune care programs.

Check in with your patients anywhere

Expand access to care and improve convenience.