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Boost Staff Retention and Reduce
New-Hire Time to Productivity

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The Problem

In response to high staff attrition rates and staffing shortages, many home health organizations are under pressure to get new hires in the field faster with the skills they need to succeed, while still keeping them engaged and satisfied over the long term.

Our Solution

Get employees in the field faster, boost competency, better prepare and engage your team with standardized, targeted training combined with our delivery and reporting tools, all on a powerful engagement platform.

The Benefits

Better staff retention

Increase clinical capacity

Faster time to productivity

Improved OASIS accuracy

The Results

MedBridge has helped many agencies improve onboarding and staff retention by more quickly preparing staff to meet the challenges of the home environment with competency and confidence, reducing time to productivity by as much as six days, while significantly boosting staff engagement and satisfaction.

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Reduction in staff attrition


Better retention at 3 years following a structured onboarding program1


Increase in staff engagement from an effective onboarding program2

How We Do It

Create a culture of clinical excellence with effective curriculum and powerful reporting, all on the same user-friendly platform.

Build Your Curriculum

Standardize and streamline training with prebuilt education programs for onboarding, clinical ladders, and leadership development.

Assign Curriculum to Targeted Staff

Automate staff training assignment to address skill and clinical gaps with specific, targeted education in a “set it and forget it” style format.

Monitor Progress, Track, and Report

Digitally track your team’s completions and progress while keeping learning on track with automated reminders.

Best-in-Class Education

Course Series

Welcome to Home Health

Better prepare your staff for the field, improve retention, and elevate quality with standardized home health-specific onboarding education.

Course Series


Always be survey-ready with up-to-date federal and state compliance learning regulations that are easily tracked and reported.

Course Series


Improve OASIS accuracy with targeted skill-gap training and microlearning OASIS booster courses that staff can access from anywhere.

Course Series

Speciality Care

Expand clinical specialties and open new business lines by elevating staff skills with targeted training in wound care, infusion, and high acuity patients.

Transform Your Onboarding Experience

Automate admin spreadsheets

Digitize and automate tracking, reporting, and surveys.

Integrate your workflow

Easily connect training to your HR system for seamless administration.

Upgrade from generic content to targeted, expert-led training

Personalize and scale your programs.

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