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Standardize Care Delivery
and Reduce Cost of Care

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The Problem

Hospitals and health systems need ways to improve quality of care and patient outcomes while reducing readmissions and optimizing costs across all departments.

Our Solution

Implement clinical pathways for your clinicians and patients, instantly standardizing care and improving quality. Not only do we provide digital solutions to help you standardize patient protocols, we educate your staff on implementing these pathways and why it’s important. Additionally, we offer change management consultation to ensure your pathway gets the staff buy-in and adoption needed for success.

The Benefits

Improve outcomes

Reduce readmissions

Standardize care

Fewer occurences

Lower total cost of care

Reduce length of stay

The Results

We help organizations:

  • Identify key areas of improvement in quality measures
  • Implement targeted care pathways with education tracks for specific conditions
  • Significantly improve stroke, back pain, and shoulder scores
  • Reduce imaging, readmissions, and total cost of care

1 Seehusen, D. A. (2010). Clinical pathways: Effects on practice, outcomes, and costs. American Family Physician, 82(11), 1338–1339.


Savings when building a clinical pathway in your facility1


Saved per case by reducing the need for surgery in patients with low back pain


Improvement in outcome scores

How We Do It

Elevate quality by remediating gaps through targeted education and engagement programs for staff and patients.

Elevate your care team and
boost competency

Identify areas for improvement using organizational data, and create programs to remedy skill and clinical gaps with
targeted education.

Engage your patients and
improve adherence

Elevate outcomes with standardized and effective clinical pathways that follow best treatment practices, engage patients, and drive adherence.

Report and remediate gaps in performance

Electronically track progress for both clinicians and patients and continually refine your education programs and pathways based on outcomes data.

Care for all patient populations with
standardized clinical pathways:

Reduce rehospitalizations

Improve transition and discharge planning with programs that work for the entire team and education to prepare patients for the road to recovery.

Improve joint replacement outcomes

Support patients and elevate care from pre-op to post-op with bundled joint replacement programs.

Manage pain and elevate quality of life

Evaluate and manage orthopedic conditions with advanced clinical education, customizable HEP and patient education templates, and patient adherence tracking.

Restore function in stroke survivors

Address speech and functional deficits with targeted education for providers and patients.

One solution to address your biggest challenges

Complex Patient Populations

Bundled Programs


Pain Management

Transitions & Discharge

Take Your Quality to the Next Level

Standardize your care

Reinforce best practices with effective, templated care pathways and protocols.

Integrate digital care solutions

Improve the patient experience at a lower cost with powerful engagement and education resources.

Build clinical excellence

Improve quality with staff training and development.