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The patient mobile app to revolutionize
home exercise rehabilitation.

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MedBridge GO - Patient Mobile App

Reduce self-discharge by keeping patients engaged on an everyday basis.

Motivate patient activity and improve satisfaction with a rewarding experience.

Monitor patient progress and gain insights with new data reporting tools.


Dramatically improve patient adherence.

Transform the patient experience by prescribing home exercises in easy-to-follow, achievable daily doses.

  • Remove obstacles to activation
  • Reduce self-discharges
  • Engage patients every day
  • Gain powerful insights
  • Safe, secure, and easy to use

Drive better outcomes.

MedBridge GO Mobile Device

Gamification, reminders, and push notifications engage patients as active, daily participants.

Mirror Neuron Learning Techniques With MedBridge

Mirror neuron learning techniques help guide patient behaviors and promote healthy progress.

Drive better outcomes.

Better experience, better results.

Looping demonstrations

with audio cues guide patients through their exercises and reinforce desired behaviors

Specialized education

improves engagement by helping patients understand their specific condition

Automatic reminders

allow patients to set triggers to complete exercise plans at their convenience

Progress tracking

allows patients to keep track of their activity streaks and exercises completed

Clinician reporting

offers feedback on patient pain and difficulty, allowing you to revise programs as needed

In-app messaging

enables patients to communicate with their provider if they have questions or concerns

Make it yours.

Unlock powerful business opportunities by branding the mobile app for your organization! Extend your marketing reach to establish top-of-mind awareness and build lifelong relationships with your patients.

Available with MedBridge Enterprise subscription. Additional fees apply.

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Request a Demo

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