Understanding the RTM Clinician Workflow

As a supplement to onsite care, remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) boosts patient engagement and allows providers to bill for the remote management of their patients that many are already performing today—capturing as much as $25,000 in new revenue per provider each year. RTM offers significant value to organizations, providers, and patients, and understanding how it works is one of the first steps in getting started. What does RTM monitoring, documentation, and billing look like for clinicians and admins in a typical 30-day period? In this infographic, we break down the basic workflow.

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  • The five key phases of RTM during a typical month, from pre-evaluation appointment to end-of-month billing 
  • The most important tasks for admins, clinicians, and patients during each of these phases 
  • How RTM can improve patient engagement as well as bring in new revenue
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  • Outpatient Hospitals and Health Systems
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