HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Virtual Visits

Effectively triage and optimize care delivery to better manage
your patient population and lower cost of treatment.

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Expand healthcare access through virtual triaging and assessment of patients.

Efficiently manage patient care through virtual visits.

Ensure optimal long-term outcomes with post-discharge engagement.

Manage your patients’ treatment plan across the continuum of care.

  • Triage patients remotely
  • Conduct newly approved e-visits
  • Extend post-discharge care
  • Improve engagement and adherence
  • Provide effective care for remote patients
  • Improve outcomes

Join Hundreds of Organizations Using MedBridge Telehealth

Drive better outcomes.

Identify areas of clinical weakness and remedy gaps with targeted education programs.

Enhance the in-treatment experience with real‑time patient consultations.

Pair with MedBridge HEP and Patient Engagement resources.

Drive better outcomes.

Improve the patient experience and quality of care with integrated telehealth solutions.

Efficient Visits. Exceptional Care. Improved Outcomes.

Virtual visits

reduce costly in-person visits with online telehealth sessions.

Remotely triage

your patients to determine appropriate levels of care.

HEP streaming

and educational resources are available within the video player.

Telehealth Platform

EMR integration

allows optimized access to patient records for ease-of-use.

Secure & HIPAA compliant

encryption ensures that PHI remains secure.

Enhanced reporting

with patient messaging and pain and difficulty tracking to improve treatment adherence.

Virtual Visits, Simplified.

Our Telehealth solution has been optimized for ease of use by both clinicians and
patients, offering a simple way to provide remote care for patients while sharing
personalized Home Exercise Programs and Patient Education resources.

Clinician Initiates Virtual Visit With Patient Through Secure Connection.

Clinician initiates virtual visit with patient through secure connection.

Patient Accepts Incoming Virtual Visit Through Patient Portal

Patient accepts incoming virtual visit through Patient Portal.

Clinician Conducts Consultation With Patient, With Ability to Share Patient’s Unique Hep.

Clinician conducts consultation with patient, with ability to share patient’s unique HEP.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting at MedBridge

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