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Anang Chokshi


Anang Chokshi is a physical therapist double board certified in sports and orthopedics by ABPTS. He is a digital healthcare expert and entrepreneur focused on supporting innovative technologies and evidence-based clinical pathways to digitally transform the healthcare industry and improve access to care while focusing on both the patient and the clinical experience. He has developed, validated, and identified effective reimbursement strategies for digital rehabilitation.

Anang's experience and skills include evidence-based clinical care in the areas of orthopedic and sports-based physical therapy, digital healthcare, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, value-based care, product vision and development, FDA and regulatory experience, and clinical research and trial design.

His focused expertise is in customer-facing sales support for remote PT and telemedicine technology implementation, clinical practice workflow design, and product development for digital healthcare technologies.

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Apr 6, 2023

Ask MedBridge: Updates on Remote Therapeutic Monitoring and Digital Patient Care

Presented by Anang Chokshi and Leigh Wager

No Recording Available

Dec 7, 2022

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Strategies: 2023 Physicians Fee Schedule & Lessons Learned

Presented by Derek Berger, Joseph Brence, and Anang Chokshi

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