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Lu Krieger-Blake LCSW


Luana S. "Lu" Krieger-Blake LCSW, MSW, BA

Lu Krieger-Blake has been a clinical practitioner for all 45 years of her Social Work career. In her 25 years as a hospice medical social worker, she lived out her "heart's mission" by bringing her compassion and skill to help patients and families navigate their end-of-life process. A strong believer in the team concept of providing whole person medical care, she promoted clinical teamwork among co-workers in the hospice setting. She educated and inspired multiple teams to understand family dynamics and patient/family adjustments to end of life.

During Lu's hospice tenure, she obtained her MSW degree while working full-time. She was privileged to use her expertise by spreading the word about concepts of hospice care to the community, and to many university classes. Professors often scheduled her to introduce hospice as their new semester began, year after year! She became a sought-after mentor for many social work students from three different local universities who wished to explore the medical field by interning in hospice and later in gerontological care. Student reviews gave her high praise for the quality of her mentoring and their experiences under her direction.

Upon retirement from hospice, Lu continued her heart's mission by bringing her compassionate skills to a non-profit retirement community. She counseled residents and families going through end-of-life experiences that usually preceded the need for hospice care, but the issues of loss and physical decline remained similar and relevant.

She continues speaking in the community and has continued to educate about hospice care and family adjustments at end of life by writing chapters in several editions of an award-winning gerontological nursing textbook and now through Medbridge courses.

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Family Adjustments at End of Life

Presented by Lu Krieger-Blake LCSW, MSW, BA

Family Adjustments at End of Life

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When a patient is facing end of life (EOL), the family and caregivers are also profoundly affected by the changes experienced by the patient. This course will provide information for nurses, therapists, and social workers in a variety of settings so that they may be aware of issues facing the patient and family, promoting sensitivity to the family's needs as they care for the patient. Advance care planning, role changes, anticipatory, and post-loss grief issues will be discussed.

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Overview of End-of-Life Care

Presented by Lu Krieger-Blake LCSW, MSW, BA and Patty Warring, RN, MSN, ACHPN

Overview of End-of-Life Care

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This course gives nurses, therapists, and social workers an overview of hospice care, relevant to practice in multiple settings--including rehabilitation, acute care, long-term care, home health care, and assisted living. The course includes a description of the hospice philosophy of comfort versus cure, criteria for hospice care, the team approach to providing care, the services provided to patients/families by hospice teams, and payment sources. Learners will receive information about the referral process, advance care planning, and guidelines for various disease conditions appropriate for hospice care.

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