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Nathalie Drouin


An Occupational Therapist for 16 years, Nathalie Drouin brings a wide range of experience to the field including acute care, pediatrics and geriatrics. For the past six years, she has worked in an outpatient setting while gaining almost three years' experience in the area of Driver Rehabilitation. Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital and Clemson University have an established collaborative evidenced-based research effort in which Nathalie has been heavily involved in for the past four years. She is active with ADED nationally and has served as a committee member in developing the Fundamentals of Driver Rehabilitation course. She was a committee member for the Education and Scholarship committees and is now the chair for the Education Committee. Nathalie has presented twice at the ADED National Conference.

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The Older Driver

Presented by Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS

The Older Driver

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Why do we address the older driver as a separate population of individuals with impairments that impact driving? New drivers tend to seek driver rehabilitation to determine if independent driving is a realistic goal. Often their parents ask the question so that they can plan for alternatives if driving is not a possibility. The older driver can be affected by a specific illness or injury, or may simply be affected by the cumulative effects of aging. Often, the older driver will not seek driver rehabilitation until they begin to exhibit behaviors that concern their friends or family. In this course, participants will learn to appreciate the effects of age-related changes and impairments that impact driving. Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS, will demonstrate clinical and on-the-road assessments tailored for the driver with age related impairments.

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Vision and Driving

Presented by Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS

Vision and Driving

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How do common vision disorders relate to driver performance, and what training and remediation techniques can be implemented to improve driver performance? Nathalie Drouin, OTR/L, CDI, CDRS, tackles these questions in this course, beginning with eye anatomy and the visual system. She discusses disease and disorders of the eye, including acuity loss, eye movement disorders, binocular vision disorders, specific eye diseases affecting vision, and others. Participants will learn how to implement training and remediation techniques, including mirrors, tinted lenses, bioptic lenses, head movement exercises, and other techniques. Graphic representations of the eye and eye disorders, as well as live demonstrations of resources, supplement Nathalie Drouin's lecture.

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