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The research is clear—when patients understand their conditions and therapy plans, they are more likely to stick to their treatment plans. Provide your patients with education that clearly explains exactly what they need to know using easy-to-understand language and animations.

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Drive Improved Patient Understanding

Transform patients into active partners in their care to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions.

Save Valuable Clinic Time

With a wealth of patient-friendly information at your fingertips, spend less time searching and more time connecting with patients.

Improve the Patient Experience

Boost quality of care along with patient satisfaction for improved program follow‑through.

Drive better treatment plan adherence with focused, user‑friendly education

Provide an outstanding patient experience and superior clinical care with our customizable patient education and delivery solution.

  • Engage patients with inviting animations and easy-to-read handouts.
  • Present information appropriately for a range of health literacy levels.
  • Online, in-app, and print formats are available.
  • Improve inclusivity with Spanish translations.
  • Patients can access education anywhere with the MedBridge GO app.
  • Share information with families to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Home Exercise Program & Patient Education
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Take a Sneak Peek at Our Education Library

Explore hundreds of educational videos and handouts for conditions and treatment plans across physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and athletic training.

  • Going Up and Down Stairs with a Cane

  • How to Prevent Falls

  • Managing Back Pain

  • THA Posterior Precautions

  • Toe Walking

  • What Is Pain?

  • Energy Conservation During Daily Tasks

  • Introduction to Feeding Therapy

  • Picking Up Coins

  • Sensory Diet

  • Strategies for Improving Left Side Awareness

  • Using a Universal Cuff

  • Chin Tuck

  • How the Voice Works

  • Introduction to Aphasia Handout

  • Oral Care - How to Take Care of Your Mouth

  • Requesting with Eyes

  • Strategies for Remembering Names

  • Concussion

  • Contrast Bath

  • Curb Climbing with Crutches - Non Weight Bearing

  • Football

  • Ice Massage

  • Overuse

Transform patients into informed partners in care

Watch below to see how Patient Education fits into our Patient Engagement Suite to encourage activation, adherence, and program completion.

Hundreds of Resources

Promote understanding and improve adherence with videos and handouts on a range of conditions.

Save Time and Streamline Treatment

Standardize care with commonly used templates and resources at your fingertips.

Enhance Patient Understanding

Boost comprehension and adherence with patient demonstrations, 3D models, and high-quality animations.

Accessibility Features

Provide Spanish translation and adjust font size for greater accessibility.

Personalize for Patients’ Needs

Upload custom content, notes and descriptions, and organizational branding.

Multiple Distribution Options

Patients can access education in the HIPAA‑compliant patient portal, MedBridge GO mobile app, or through printed handouts.

Set patients up for success with easy-to-follow HEP

Keep patients activated and engaged in their therapy with our Home Exercise Program platform. Our HEP allows you to:

  • Build custom plans using our library of 7,000+ exercises and educational resources.
  • Leverage templates to save time building commonly prescribed programs.
  • Print, email, or text programs to help patients and families understand complex medical concepts.
  • Address specialized concerns with specialty exercises.
  • Make adherence fun with our gamified patient mobile app.

Trusted by 200,000+ Healthcare Professionals

“MedBridge is best in class in online education with instructors who are experts in their fields. Their comprehensive courses have definitely taken me to a higher level of practice.”

Paula McElmeel, MOTRL, CSRS, CBIS

“MedBridge is so much more than just an online continuing education platform! It is a cornerstone for developing clinical excellence and providing patient education.”

Brian Hoy, PT, CMP, FMSC
Pivot Physical Therapy

“I use MedBridge daily. It is a huge part of my patient care and professional development...the continuing education is second to none.”

Brett Burton, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

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