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Knee Flexion Supine ALT - High Grade

Body Region: Knee
Technique Name: Knee Flexion Supine – Alternate (High Grade)

Indications: Knee osteoarthritis


Patient Position:
  • Laying in the supine position with their knee and hip flexed to approximately 90 degrees. The side that will be receiving treatment should be closer to the edge of the table where the clinician is standing.
Clinician Position:
  • Stand on the side of the patient that will receive treatment, facing slightly towards the feet.
  • Standing on the side to be treated, facing towards the patient’s head.
  • Grasp the patient’s proximal leg with both arms, placing the palm of your hands just inferior to the tibiofemoral joint line.
  • Cradle the lower leg between your arm and body.
Technique Description:
  • Use your body to flex the knee into desired range within the joint for treatment effect (within or out of resistance).
  • Use your body and arms to impart graded large amplitude mobilizations to the knee.
  • Keep knee and hip in straight plane motion.
Key Points:
  • Use this technique cautiously for individuals with irritable/reactive knee pain as it can exacerbate symptoms if performed too aggressively too soon
  • Evidence

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