Microlearning Platform
for Healthcare Professionals

Quickly address skill gaps with bite-sized, point-of-care training for your team.

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Just-in-Time Training for Busy Healthcare Professionals

Designed to fit between appointments and around busy schedules, Microlearning addresses skill gaps with short, hyper-focused three- to five-minute courses.

Research shows that providing training in shorter segments increases learning engagement,1 allowing learners to conveniently refresh skills and quickly get up to speed on best practices.

Address skill gaps, drive behavior change, and achieve better outcomes with just-in-time training for your team.

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NPS® Booster Shots

HEP Best Practices

Soft Skills

Functional Assessments


Elevate Patient Satisfaction

Clear provider communication leads to better patient satisfaction—and 19% better adherence rates.1 Boost patient satisfaction—and your organization’s NPS® score—with short, targeted courses to remedy gaps in your team’s interpersonal skills.

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From better bedside manner to lifestyle discussions and the teach-back method, equip your team with the knowledge they need to provide a consistently positive patient experience.

Talking About Insurance and Payments

Using the Teach-Back Method

Lifestyle Discussions and Motivational Interviewing

Creating a Welcoming Waiting Room


Improve Patient Exercise Adherence

HEP adherence rates are as low as 30%.2 Drive behavior change by equipping your team with the skills to provide care plans that encourage and motivate patients, incorporate their values, and eliminate barriers to completion.

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Break through barriers, bridge gaps, and keep patients’ eyes on the end goal with best practices for building and delivering home exercise programs.

Improving HEP Compliance: Motivating the Patient

HEP Adherence and the Importance of Patient Values

Bridging the Gap Between Compliance and Pain

Improving HEP Compliance: Focusing on the End Goal


Nurture and Develop Leaders

Did you know that almost 70% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their employees?3 Empower leaders to create positive work environments that drive effective teamwork across your organization.

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From clear communication to creating an environment of accountability,
quickly equip employees with critical management skills.

Soft Skills: Setting a Strong Foundation

Conflict Management and Resolution: Words, Tone, and Body Language

Coaching for Development: Giving Effective Positive Feedback

Managing for Accountability: Setting Expectations