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Dr. Susan Strauss


Dr. Susan Strauss, RN, EdD, is a national and international speaker, trainer, and consultant. Her specialty areas include education and workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying, organization development, and management/leadership development. Her clients are from health care, education, business, law, and government organizations, from both the public and private sector. Susan conducts bullying and harassment investigations, works as an expert witness for education and workplace harassment and bullying lawsuits, and coaches those managers and employees that need assistance in stopping their harassing or bullying behavior. Susan has held a variety of nursing positions, including director of quality improvement and director of training and development.

Dr. Strauss has authored more than 30 books, book chapters, and articles, as well as many curriculum and training manuals. Susan has been featured on 20/20, CBS Evening News, and other television and radio programs, and has been interviewed for newspaper and journal articles in publications such as the Times of London, Lawyers Weekly, and Harvard Education Newsletter.

Susan has presented at international conferences in Botswana, Egypt, Thailand, Israel, Palestine, Bali, Lebanon, and the US and has conducted sex discrimination research in Poland. She has consulted with professionals from other countries such as Israel, England, Australia, Canada and St. Maartin. She has her master's degree in community health and holds a doctorate in organizational leadership.

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Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (2024)

Presented by Dr. Susan Strauss, RN, EdD

Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (2024)

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Illinois law requires annual sexual harassment training on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment. This course will provide health care professionals with mandatory training for recognizing, preventing, and managing sexual harassment situations. State and federal laws will be covered, including the Illinois Sexual Harassment Law, the Illinois Human Rights Act, and the Illinois Whistleblower Act. In addition to discussing examples of sexual harassment and contributing factors in health care, the course will address the effect of harassment on the victim, the organization, and patient care. Lastly, the course will thoroughly review recommended actions, procedures, and safety protocols surrounding retaliation, prevention, and intervention in a workplace environment.

This course is applicable to all settings and for health care professionals in athletic training, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and social work.

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