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Our Certificate Programs allow you to distinguish yourself, have confidence in your practice, and become a better clinician.

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Become an expert and turbo-charge your career

Learn from the Best

Take a series of courses designed and taught by industry-leading instructors.

Assess your Knowledge

Participate in interactive learning assessments, Q&A sessions, and case study discussions.

Advance your Career

Expand your practice while earning CEUs - all included in your subscription.

Variety of Evidence-Based Programs

Get unlimited access to a library of accredited, evidence-based courses covering a variety of topics and specialties.

Telehealth: Comprehensive
Virtual Care

Gain the skills and learn best practices in order to provide optimal virtual care.


Orthopedic Excellence: The Spine

Advance your skill set to better evaluate and manage patients with spine-related conditions.

Comprehensive Vestibular Rehabilitation

Enhance your ability to provide vestibular rehabilitation and identify indications for further medical/diagnostic consultation.

Rehabilitation Nursing Essentials

Learn the foundational knowledge needed for rehabilitation nursing practice.

MedBridge Certificate Programs Benefits

Expand your Practice

Learn new assessment and treatment strategies. Whether you take a program to expand your expertise or add a new specialty to your repertoire, the MedBridge certificates give you the knowledge you need to have confidence in your practice.

Become an Expert

Focus your education to distinguish yourself and become an expert in a specialized area. MedBridge Certificates are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of a specific topic through an organized course framework.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Improve your patient care with specialized courses. We believe education is the most powerful way to improve outcomes, and with MedBridge Certificate Programs you have access to the highest quality continuing education.

Learn With a Group

Participate in MedBridge Certificates as part of a group within your organization. Many Certificates incorporate practice sessions, discussion sessions, and case studies that can be leveraged through live learning.

Thousands of Clinicians Improve Lives With MedBridge

“MedBridge is best in class in online education with instructors who are experts in their fields. Their comprehensive courses have definitely taken me to a higher level of practice.”

Paula McElmeel, MOTRL, CSRS, CBIS

“MedBridge is so much more than just a continuing education platform! It is a cornerstone for developing clinical excellence and providing patient education.”

Brian Hoy, PT, CMP, FMSC
Pivot Physical Therapy

“I use MedBridge daily. It is a huge part of my patient care and professional developmentā€¦the continuing education is second to none.”

Brett Burton, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

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