Provider-Driven Digital MSK Care Platform

MedBridge Pathways makes conservative care the easiest choice to increase access and better manage MSK care costs.

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Improve Access to Care

Get more patients to the right level of care

A platform that acts as an extension of your staff, allowing providers to capture patients earlier, get a deeper understanding of their condition, and assign evidence-based, clinical programs that support their recovery.

Meet patients where they are

New digital programs that can support patients who are looking for self-managed programs, have barriers to care, and more.

New digital tools at providers disposal

Leverage digital triage and motion capture technology to give providers greater insight into patient need and ability, so they can assign and adjust protocols that fit patient condition and needs.

Increase capacity in-clinic

Leverage independent protocols to get low acuity patients care, while freeing up in-clinic appointments for moderate to high acuity patients who can be engaged with hybrid care.

Patient Engagement

Patient centered platform that improves engagement and outcomes

With nearly 15 years experience serving millions of patients, MedBridge has designed Pathways to put patient needs front and center.

Pathways for every MSK patient

Holistic, evidence-based programs built to support a variety of conditions with specific education, exercise, and assessments that treat mind, body, and spirit.

Keep patients motivated throughout

Patients get ongoing reminders and encouragement to keep them coming back, helping adhere to their program for better outcomes.

Track progress to goals

Patients can view their progress over time, while providers can track outcomes and where they should prioritize additional provider education.

Recorded Webinar

Unveiling a Digitally-Empowered Future 
for Patient Care

CEO Donovan Campbell and CPO Sarah Jacob introduce MedBridge Pathways and explain how MedBridge can help your organization embrace the digitally-empowered future of patient care in this recorded webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our HEP product is still a really valuable tool for Rehab groups and individual clinicians who are looking for maximum customization for some of their patients. However, it only works after a patient has been referred to therapy and shows up in person. We believe that Pathways is solving unique challenges that support not just Rehab but the entire health system. Some of the key differences are:

  1. Pathways has been built from the beginning to digitally engage patients - with phased progressions, push reminders, and other gamification features that keep patients.
  2. Pathways solves larger access to care and cost of care challenges at a system level - while also supporting Rehab groups.
  3. Pathways offers advanced features not offered in HEP to truly extend your staff and give deeper insights - Motion Capture, Digital Triage, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs).

Pathways is packaged separately from HEP and is not included in any current subscriptions.

Every Pathway program goes through an extensive clinical rigor process using a variety of expertise and sources. These include:

  1. Evidence-based Research - We perform an extensive clinical research literature review of the most up-to-date research. This includes clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials from the past 5 years, large-scale retrospective studies, and qualitative research studies.
  2. Internal Clinical Expertise - Pathways are scoped, developed, and built by clinical experts with over 35 years of hands-on experience treating and supporting patients across the entirety of MSK conditions. Learn more about our medical expert partners.
  3. Medical Review Board - All exercise and education protocols are consulted on, reviewed by, and approved by our multidisciplinary Medical Advisory Board. We also consult with multiple clinical subject matter experts for speciality areas, such as Fall Prevention, to ensure our exercise and education is clinically rigorous. Learn more about our Medical Advisory Board.
  4. MedBridge Proprietary Data - In addition to our clinical expertise and medical review board, our exercise protocols are informed by proprietary data from our HEP Product that had over 13 million programs assigned to patients last year. This includes which exercises are most widely prescribed to patients for each given condition.

We are monitoring utilization, engagement, and outcomes across all of our Pathways programs to allow us to continuously improve and fine tune our research.

Motion Capture is used in Pathways triage and assessments. We believe these deliver the highest value to providers, giving deeper understanding into patient abilities to track progress and personalize programs.

We are exploring other ways to bring Motion Capture to Pathways, including in patient exercises.

RTM will be an available feature included in Pathways for hybrid and independent progression in Q4 2024. With Pathways, providers will be able to enable, track, and download billable reports for RTM engaged patients. We see RTM as an important part of digital care, offering rehab departments a new source of revenue. To help reduce the risk for organizations, RTM will be included in your Pathways packaging at no extra cost.