MedBridge Pathways

Our new digital care platform is purpose-built to keep therapy at the forefront of care and help your organization deliver superior patient outcomes across the musculoskeletal care spectrum.

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MedBridge Pathways
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Self-Managed Patient Experience

The Future of Digital MSK Care

We believe there’s no substitute for high-quality therapy—we’re enhancing provider control to boost outcomes with insightful software that scales to patient capacity.

Expand Your Reach and Empower Providers

Digital care without reliance on outsourced partners creates more value and better patient outcomes.

Personalize Content With Patient-Aware Guidance

We’re evolving the high-quality video instruction you trust to be more interactive than ever.

Simplify the Provider Experience

Premium care pathways that bundle the capabilities you need to deliver successful outcomes.

Enhance Care Programs With Native A.I.

Our new platform was built from the ground up with native artificial intelligence capabilities at its core.

Personalized Care Journeys

Digital Care Pathways

Supplement existing in-person programs with a variety of digital care pathways that segment patients by acuity to keep therapy at the forefront of MSK care.

Engage your patients with therapy-driven care

Providing pathways that incorporate the patient’s condition and lifestyle and delivers that valuable data back into the clinician’s hand.

Provide a fully-guided patient experience

Personalized programs guide patients through multiple phases using evidence-based progression criteria, with interactive education and data-driven progress tracking.

Empower your patient to take control of their journey

Say goodbye to static exercise programs, and say hello to data-driven clinically proven pathways that patients can trust and improve alongside.

Recorded Webinar

Unveiling a Digitally-Empowered Future 
for Patient Care

CEO Donovan Campbell and CPO Sarah Jacob introduce MedBridge Pathways and explain how MedBridge can help your organization embrace the digitally-empowered future of patient care in this recorded webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Each Pathway program is broken into multiple phases that build off each other, allowing patients to progress at their own pace as their pain decreases and they build strength. Each phase is focused on a set of exercises designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less. Each Pathway is reviewed and approved by our medical advisory board, which covers a broad spectrum of clinical roles, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, and psychologists.

Our first Pathways program focuses on low-acuity, low-risk back pain. It is a four-phase program that starts exercises designed to get patients moving and then progresses to help patients get back to all their favorite activities.

Each Pathway is built using evidence-based guidelines and validated by a panel of experts covering a broad spectrum of clinical roles, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, and psychologists.

Our 15+ year legacy in designing education and certifications across rehabilitative disciplines ensures that we are able to collaborate with the very best industry experts.

No. MedBridge Pathways is a new and distinct product. Providers who are currently using MedBridge HEP will be able to continue using HEP without interruption.

We’re building MedBridge Pathways to support existing providers—not replace them. While other providers have developed solutions intended for payers or patients, these solutions take patients out of existing systems into a parallel health system, which acts as a black box to clinicians. MedBridge Pathways allows the patient to remain within the provider's ecosystem, enabling clinicians to meet the patients where they are in their continuum of care in their own communities.