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Boost Staff Retention and
Reduce Onboarding Time

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The Problem

In response to ongoing nursing shortages, many hospice organizations are under pressure to get new hires in the field faster with the skills they need to provide high-quality, compassionate care, while also keeping them engaged and satisfied over the long term.

Our Solution

Reduce onboarding time, elevate clinical and communication skills, and lower the risks of paper-based checklists with standardized, targeted training combined with our delivery and reporting tools, all on a powerful engagement platform.

The Benefits

Better staff retention

Reduced time to productivity

Improved CAHPS scores

Higher quality of care

The Results

MedBridge has helped agencies improve staff retention and lower operating costs by better preparing employees to meet the unique challenges of the hospice environment with competency and confidence, while reducing onboarding time by as much as seven days.


Reduction in the cost of new nurse onboarding


Increase in new nurse retention

7 days

Improvement in new nurse time to productivity

How We Do It

Create a culture of clinical excellence with effective curriculum and powerful reporting, all on the same user-friendly platform.

Streamline Onboarding

Improve competency, care quality, and time to productivity with efficient, effective onboarding.

Provide Targeted Training

Identify and address key skill gaps with engaging courses and bite-sized training videos.

Engage Employees

Improve staff retention and engagement with ongoing career development.

Best-in-Class Education

Featured Topic

Welcome to Hospice

Better prepare your staff for the field, improve retention, and elevate quality with standardized hospice-specific onboarding education.

Featured Topic

Pain and Symptom Management

Train clinicians on best practices for assessing and managing pain and other symptoms to enhance quality of life in terminally ill patients.

Featured Topic

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Ensure your staff members have the communication skills needed to help patients and families navigate the end-of-life transition.

Featured Topic

Leadership Development

Improve staff engagement and build strong teams that deliver high-quality care with our comprehensive leadership training.

Transform Your Onboarding Experience

Prepare new hires for the field faster

Improve onboarding efficiency and quality with Skills and Competency Manager, which allows agencies to identify skill gaps and build customized training programs.

Integrate your workflow

Easily connect training to your HR system for seamless administration.

Upgrade from generic content to targeted, expert-led training

Personalize and scale your programs with our intuitive Learning Management System.

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