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Quality Improvement Solution

Improve OASIS Accuracy and
Reduce Readmissions

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The Problem

Home health organizations are looking for optimal ways to treat chronic conditions and reduce readmissions while also improving their OASIS accuracy and star ratings.

Our Solution

Tackle areas for operational excellence through improved staff training and patient education on chronic conditions, wound care, fall prevention, infusion, and other specialty areas. Improve OASIS accuracy with a 10-part full course series covering OASIS along with a suite of microlearning for remediation initiatives.

The Benefits

Lower costs

Increase referrals

Improve patient safety & satisfaction

Improve OASIS accuracy

The Results

Agencies partnering with Medbridge have seen significant:

  • Improved OASIS accuracy
  • Reduction in avoidable hospital readmissions
  • Reduction in unnecessary onsite visits
  • Improvement in star ratings


In additional revenue captured per clinical FTE by increasing referrals


Improvement in functional outcomes


Of users indicated MedBridge helped them improve patient outcomes

How We Do It

Elevate quality by remediating gaps through targeted education and engagement programs for staff and patients.

Elevate your care team and
boost competency

Identify areas for improvement using organizational data, and create programs to remedy skill and clinical gaps with targeted education.

Engage your patients and
improve adherence

Elevate outcomes with standardized and effective clinical pathways that follow best treatment practices, engage patients, and drive adherence.

Report and remediate gaps in performance

Electronically track progress for both clinicians and patients and continually refine your education programs and pathways based on outcomes data.

Care for all patient populations with
standardized clinical pathways:

Improve chronic condition self-management

Provide patients and family with easy-to-understand patient education to improve understanding and self-care between visits.

Manage wound care effectively

Enhance wound care clinical competency and assign patient education to easily track patient engagement and improve outcomes.

Enhance function and ADLs

Provide patients with functional activities and exercises that not only improve their safety and functional outcomes, but also result in improved OASIS outcomes.

Reduce rehospitalizations

Improve transitions with programs that work and education to prevent falls and prepare patients for the road to recovery.

And many more essential topics, including:

Cardiopulmonary Care

Medication Reconciliation

End-of-Life Care

Dementia Care

Neurologic Conditions

Pediatric Care

Take Your Quality to the Next Level

Ensure accurate outcomes and reimbursement

Provide your staff with expert-led onboarding and refresher OASIS training.

Identify skill gaps and assign targeted training

Ensure competency with integrated training resources for complex clinical skills.

Manage your patient population and reduce readmissions

Engage and inform patients with easy-to-understand education for chronic conditions.