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Outcomes Improvement Solution

Improve Quality and
Increase Referrals

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The Problem

Private practices need ways to improve outcomes, standardize care, and create best practices to optimize care and improve the patient experience.

Our Solution

Improve outcomes to increase referrals and become a preferred provider with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for clinicians and patients. Create targeted programs for quality improvement through clinical training and targeted home exercise programs.

The Benefits

Improve outcomes

Increase partnerships

Increase referrals

Standardize care

The Results

By identifying key areas of improvement in outcomes measures and implementing best practice guidelines and education tracks for specific conditions, our clients have seen:

  • 93 percent of patients reporting less pain
  • 98 percent of patients reporting improved functional outcomes
  • Increase in patient satisfaction levels


Additional revenue captured per provider by increasing referrals by 5%


Of users reported that MedBridge courses have helped them better treat their patients


Increase in patient-reported functional outcomes

How We Do It

Elevate quality by remediating gaps through targeted education and engagement programs for staff and patients.

Elevate your care team and
boost competency

Identify areas for improvement using organizational data, and create programs to remedy skill and clinical gaps with
targeted education.

Engage your patients and
improve adherence

Elevate outcomes with standardized and effective clinical pathways that follow best treatment practices, engage patients, and drive adherence.

Report and remediate gaps in performance

Electronically track progress for both clinicians and patients and continually refine your education programs and pathways based on outcomes data.

Boost referrals and become a preferred provider with
outcomes-driven clinical practice guidelines:

Drive best practices in your organization

Standardize quality care with clinical pathways and patient engagement templates for commonly addressed conditions in
your practice.

Foster patient retention and engagement

Support patients and elevate care throughout the care episode with education and motivation to drive activation and adherence.

Expand services and specialty programs

Boost clinical knowledge and keep staff practicing at the top of their licenses with certificate programs and advanced specialization
prep programs.

Enter into risk-based or value-based programs

Better allocate resources according to patient risk level and improve the efficiency of care delivery with powerful patient engagement and delivery tools.

One solution to address your biggest challenges




Pain Management

Low Back Pain

Take Your Quality to the Next Level

Standardize your care

Reinforce best practices with effective, templated clinical care best practice guidelines and protocols.

Implement digital care solutions

Improve the patient experience and satisfaction with powerful engagement and education resources.

Build clinical excellence

Improve quality with staff training and development.