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Skills & Competency Manager

Streamline onboarding and improve quality of care.

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Get Home Health and Hospice Nurses in the Field 7 Days Faster

The MedBridge Skills & Competency Manager has reduced agency onboarding costs
for home health nurses by 11.5% and hospice nurses by 17.9%1

How Our Solution Works

Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce risk with our online skills assessment checklist and engaging, evidence-based skills training.

Digital Skills Checklist

Prepare new hires for the field faster with a customized training program focused on identified skill gaps.

Video-Based Skills Library

Boost knowledge retention and master home care and hospice specific skills with
bite-sized lessons.

Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

Assign checklists, simplify preceptor assessment, and review skill acquisition and sign-off data on our user-friendly dashboard.

Video-Based Skills
Training Library

Engaging mobile-friendly video-based skills training for onboarding, quality improvement programs, and ongoing field reference integrated with our best-in-class Digital Skills Checklist.

Includes essential non-clinical skills as well, such as communicating with patients and families.

Wound Care

Infusion Therapy



Infection Control

Cardiac Care

Respiratory Care


Medication Monitoring

And more!

How We’re Solving Your
Biggest Challenges

Get New Clinicians in the Field Faster

Efficiently onboard new nurses, elevate competency, and reduce the risks of paper-based checklist programs with our new digital skills self-assessment checklist.

Improve Employee Satisfaction and Boost Retention

Effectively train staff on crucial skills, provide targeted training, and support nurses in the field with a vast library of skill-focused courses and mobile-friendly training videos, available on the go.

Ensure Accurate Outcomes and Reimbursement

Streamline onboarding, easily assign preceptors to review skills, identify competency gaps, create targeted remediation plans, and evaluate training programs with online reporting and analytics dashboards.


We've helped many agencies improve
their onboarding and staff competency training.

Highest Quality Solution

Drive behavioral change with the industry’s highest-quality instructors, videos, and engagement solution.

Patient-Provider Focus

A single, powerful solution that elevates and engages your workforce while motivating patients.

Innovative Technology

As pioneers in the industry, we harness the power of technology to help you solve today’s biggest challenges.


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