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Retain Patients and Increase Revenue

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The Problem

Private practices need ways to improve the patient experience, increase referrals, and boost patient retention, all while ensuring the best clinical outcomes and building customer loyalty.

Our Solution

Improve patient retention and reduce no-shows by driving patient satisfaction and a better patient experience with high quality home exercise programs, patient education, and virtual visits.

The Benefits

Improve the patient experience

Improve outcomes

Increase revenue

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

Improve patient satisfaction

The Results

Practices partnering with MedBridge have:

  • Reduced no-show and cancellation rates by as much as 15 percent
  • Driven higher patient satisfaction, adherence, and loyalty
  • Seen world-class NPS® ratings
  • Boosted referrals
  • Kept patients coming through the doors


Increase in patient reported functional outcomes


Additional annual revenue per provider with Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

2.5 days

Faster time to first appointment

How We Do It

Elevate the patient experience with patient-friendly education, exercises, and online communication tools that motivate, empower, and support patients.

Create condition-focused templates

Easily create best-practice HEP templates with customized patient education to enhance self-management.

Assign program to
targeted patients

Assign templates based on patient type and condition, from joint replacement to sports injuries.

Progress the program
& monitor adherence

Efficiently progress patients throughout the episode of care to support timely outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Check in anytime, anywhere

Leverage telehealth, patient feedback, and messaging to support the patient throughout their care plan.

Support and engage patients throughout the episode of care

Elevate quality of care

Drive patient adherence and improve outcomes with high-quality education and engagement tools.

Expand care beyond clinic walls and capture new revenue

Motivate, monitor, and remotely communicate with patients through a powerful patient engagement platform designed to improve patient retention.

Improve access to care

Reduce wait times and reach patients where they are with Virtual Visits and patient engagement tools.

Create a consistent brand experience

Build connection, rapport, and loyalty with a consistent patient experience and custom branding.

Your complete patient engagement suite

Best Practice Training

Telehealth Virtual Visits

HEP & Patient Education

NPS® & Booster Shots

Patient Mobile App

Messaging & Patient Feedback

Patient Adherence Tracking

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Transform Your Patient Experience

Standardize HEP programs to maximize outcomes

Create customizable templates, following best practices.

Leverage patient data to improve quality

Easily track adherence and fine-tune care programs.

Check in with your patients anywhere

Expand access to care and improve convenience.