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Create a Reputation for Excellence, Mitigate
Costs, and Increase Referrals

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The Problem

Staff turnover and shortages are putting pressure on hospitals and health systems to find new ways to retain staff and develop the skills they need to practice at the top of their licenses, while optimizing costs and revenue.

Our Solution

Engage and retain your staff with targeted clinical education, soft skill and leadership training, and advanced specialty programs.

Ensure competency with standardized onboarding, identify and remediate gaps in performance with targeted education, and create clinical ladders to develop and maintain strong leaders who are loyal to your organization.

The Benefits

Attract and retain staff

Improve outcomes

Boost staff satisfaction

Elevate quality of care

Increase staff referrals

The Results

Organizations partnering with MedBridge have experienced:

  • 75 percent reduction in turnover
  • 105 percent increase in continuing education participation
  • Reduction in the costs of training and development
  • $58,000 savings per retained employee
  • A culture of quality within the organization
  • Improved bottom line


Reduction in staff attrition


Increase in continuing education participation


Higher profit margin for companies with comprehensive training programs

How We Do It

Create a culture of clinical excellence with effective curriculum combined with powerful reporting, all on the same user-friendly platform.

Build your curriculum

Standardize and streamline training with prebuilt education programs for onboarding, clinical ladders, and leadership development.

Assign curriculum to targeted staff

Automate staff training assignment to address skill and clinical gaps with specific, targeted education in a “set it and forget it” style format.

Monitor progress, track, and report

Digitally track your team’s completions and progress while keeping learning on track with automated reminders.

Support Your Staff Throughout Their Career Journey

Optimize your onboarding

Set new hires up for success and reduce turnover with customized, targeted programs to close skill gaps and compliance training.

Provide ongoing development

Improve staff engagement, satisfaction, and expertise with customized career ladders and specialized training.

Support and empower leaders

Develop new leaders and equip established ones with effective, scalable leadership programs.

Remediate gaps in performance

Identify and remedy gaps in quality with targeted training to address skill gaps and boost outcomes.

Products to address your biggest staffing challenges

Learning Management System

Continuing Education

Certification Prep Programs

MedBridge Certificates

Microlearning & Skills Training

Compliance Training

Transform Your Staff Experience

Automate admin spreadsheets

Digitize and automate tracking, reporting, and surveys.

Integrate your workflow

Easily connect training to your HR system for seamless administration.

Upgrade from generic content to targeted,
expert-led training

Personalize and scale your programs.

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