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Simplify your practice while promoting patient-centered care, driving behavior change, and increasing adherence with our best-in-class Home Exercise Program.

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Introducing MedBridge Pathways

Our new digital care platform purpose-built to bring provider-first, therapy-driven MSK care to patients across the care continuum.

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Save Time

Spend more time treating patients and less time building programs.

Increase Exercise Adherence

Provide more engaging, accessible, and customized programs.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Track and report on exercise compliance to ensure goals are met.

Make therapeutic home exercise easy, effective, and accessible

Keep patients activated and engaged in their therapy with our robust Home Exercise Program. Our full-service HEP allows you to:

  • Build custom plans using our library of 7,000+ exercises and educational materials
  • Save time when building HEP and education programs
  • Help patients and families understand complex medical concepts
  • Create programs specific to unique patient needs
  • Address specialized concerns with specialty exercises
  • Make adherence fun with our gamified Patient Mobile App

Home Exercise Program Success Stories

Preview Our Exercise & Education Library

Featuring over 7,000 exercises and educational resources applicable across physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, athletic training, and nursing.

  • Gait with Head Nods and Turns on Grass

  • Infant Massage: I Love You Belly Massage

  • Sidelying Short Adductor Forearm Plank

  • 10 Minute Body Scan

  • What Is Pain?

  • Office Posture

Preview more exercises and learn more about our entire Patient Engagement Solution for Physical Therapists

  • Stair Negotiation with Caregiver Using Step-Through Pattern (Foot over Foot)

  • Thumb PROM Composite Flexion and Extension

  • Sensory Feedback with Rice

  • Seated Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Using a Buttonhook

  • Sensory Diet

Preview more exercises and learn more about our entire Patient Engagement Solution for Occupational Therapists

Speech-Language Pathology

Patient Engagement Solution for SLPs

  • Minimal Pairs Initial /Th/ (Voice)

  • Cup Bubbles with Tongue Out - Sustained

  • Chin Tuck Against Resistance with Tongue Elevation - PhagiaFLEX™

  • Jaw Opening Against Resistance

  • Chin Tuck

  • Strategies for Remembering Names

Preview more exercises and learn more about our entire Patient Engagement Solution for Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Step and Drive

  • Seated Row Cable Machine

  • Seated Knee Flexion at Wall

  • Supine Short Arc Quad

  • Ice Massage

  • Putting On and Taking Off a Shoulder Sling

Preview more exercises and learn more about our entire Patient Engagement Solution for Athletic Trainers


  • How to Get Up After a Fall

  • COVID-19: How to Protect Yourself

  • What Is Diabetes?

  • Assisted Curb Climbing with a Wheelchair

  • Scar Massage After Amputation

  • THA Posterior Precautions


of users indicated MedBridge HEP has helped them improve patient outcomes.

End-to-end simplicity that’s as dynamic as you are

Watch an overview of the MedBridge HEP platform.

Thousands of Resources

Ensure patients understand and adhere to programs by selecting from thousands of video exercises and patient education resources.

Numerous Send Options

Send exercise programs out via email or text, or print them out depending on a patient’s specific needs.

Custom Exercises

Meet patients’ specific needs by uploading custom exercises, or by using in-app features to modify existing exercises and programs.

Accessibility Features

Provide care to all patients with enlarged text and images, Spanish translations, and more.

Templates & Favorites

Save time with templated programs and easy-to-find favorites.

MedBridge GO Mobile App

Boost patient activation with regular reminders, notifications, and other gamification features.

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Elevate care with standardized clinical pathways across your organization to improve outcomes at a lower cost.

Unlock Extra Features

Track pain and difficulty and share templates to create organization-wide pathways of care.

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Access the Full Digital Engagement Suite

Increase the end-to-end patient experience and satisfaction with Telehealth, NPS®, and more.

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Integrate with Your EMR

Streamline your care and save valuable minutes in each appointment with simpler documentation.

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Requires group of 5 or more.

Patient Education to provide patients the answer to “why?”

Exercise compliance is dependent on patient understanding of their diagnosis and corresponding treatment plan.1 Our HEP includes Patient Education resources to ensure that patients are fully informed and understand the reasoning behind their treatment.

MedBridge Patient Education features:

  • Specialty topics, including memory exercises, posture and lifting, and pediatrics
  • Drag-and-drop functionality into Home Exercise Programs
  • Videos assignable via text, email, and mobile, along with printable handouts


Boost patient adherence with integrated provider training

Best practice training and resources are provided with a MedBridge subscription, ensuring visits are streamlined and you’re doing everything possible to improve patient adherence and boost long-term success.

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Activate patients beyond the visit with

Revolutionize home exercise with our patient mobile app. Make patients active partners in their care and gain powerful insights into their exercise compliance with real-time data, feedback, and surveys.

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Thousands of Clinicians Use MedBridge HEP to Improve Lives

“Quick access to AMAZING patient education, HEP videos, and easy to get ALL ages to complete their HEP due to incredible access! Not to mention endless continuing education ideas!”

Kristen Schulz, PT
Big Stone Therapies, Inc

“I love MedBridge because the HEP videos and Patient Education really help my clients understand their injury and how to treat it.”

Arthur Robinson, MEd, ATC, LMT, CCT
Custom Kneads Massage

“The home exercise program builder is fantastic, and my patients are impressed that they have access to their own personal routine, which grows and changes with them as they progress.”

Tara Morris, MOT, OTR/L, CLT
Carilion Clinic

Learn more about how our HEP solution can save you time and improve your patient-centered care.

  1. Argent, R., Daly, A., & Caulfield, B. (2018). Patient involvement with home-based exercise programs: Can connected health interventions influence adherence? JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 6(3), 347.