EMR Integration

Interoperability to maximize time savings, improve insights, and drive profitability.

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Cut down on clicks, reduce double entry, and improve compliance with automatic documentation

Monitor Home Exercise Program adherence and gain insights through patient self-reports on pain, difficulty, and satisfaction

Assign patient Home Exercise Program directly from your EMR and rest assured the data is protected and HIPAA-compliant

Maximize profitability and time savings.

Evaluate quality of care based on regions, clinics, and clinicians. With the highly visual, interactive outcomes dashboard, you can quickly recognize gaps in performance as they arise and identify patterns within your organization, before they become a problem.

  • Customizable visual reporting dashboard reflect your organization
  • Intuitive filters and reports drill down from the organizational level to individual clinician performance to show current scores or trends over time
  • Color coded metrics identify performance status at a glance

Drive better outcomes.

Deliver personalized home exercise programs and patient education to improve engagement and ensure faster recovery.

Track pain and difficulty levels and communicate with patients between visits to identify adherence barriers and improve outcomes.

Drive better outcomes.

Interoperable and indispensable.

Clinician single sign-on

allows clinicians to build and assign exercise programs from their EMR

Instant documentation

sends patient exercise programs and data back to their charts in one click

Patient single sign-on

gives patients access to their exercises and education from the EMR’s portal

Customized programs

to better meet patient needs through real-time patient data and insights

Targeted email campaigns

based on patient status, conditions, demographics, and preferences

Easy-to-use reporting

to identify engagement with emails, program adherence, and satisfaction

Save over $4,500 per clinician per year. On average, clinicians using MedBridge HEP with EMR integration save five minutes per patient.

Maximum security for your patient data.

Making sure data is safe, secure, and always available for our clients is a top priority. With the strongest threat management and mitigation practices, including triple redundancy, multiple backups, military grade data encryption, and 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured that your patient data is safe.

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