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Nursing Delegation in the Skilled Nursing Facility

presented by Juzell (Joey) Pettis, RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC

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This course will define the nurse delegation process and the responsibilities of the employer, the licensed nurse and the delegatee. The nursing delegation process requires purposeful direction from the delegator to the delegatee. These delegation process elements will be described. The content will share how the nurse leader can develop policies and procedures that are compliant with Nurse Practice Act in their respective states. The educational needs relevant to the knowledge, skill, and talent needed for each job classification that accepts delegation will be outlined.

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Juzell (Joey) Pettis, RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC

Joey has 45 years experience in long-term care and acute care settings. Joey's experience includes both staff and management positions in long-term care. For the past 35 years she has worked in long-term care management as a Director of Nursing and as a Consultant with responsibility for staff management, education and resident clinical care. Joey…

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1. Nursing Delegation Defined

This chapter defines nursing delegation and the difference between delegation and assignment. Nursing delegation is often part of a state’s Nurse Practice Act. The content will explore how to find any legislated nurse delegation limitation that may be important to defining nurse delegation tasks in the facility. Reviewing the delegation model will clarify the components necessary to protect the nurse leader, the licensed nurse delegator, and the delegatee.

2. Nursing Delegation Process

This chapter defines the roles of the nursing leader, the licensed nurse, and the delegatee to assure the delegation process is effective. Understanding these roles will assure the delegated task is completed properly, therein protecting the safety of a facility’s residents.

3. Determining Delegation Tasks

The content will review what is classified as a delegated task and how to determine if delegation to a licensed or unlicensed person is appropriate. An important part of this section is understanding how to developing job descriptions to guide consistent delegation roles and responsibilities. A consistent delegation process is important in resident protection.

4. Determining Educational Needs

An important part of the delegation process is to determine the competency-based training that will be necessary to carry out the delegation of a task and the performance of that task. This requires the knowledge to develop job descriptions that clearly delineate responsibilities. Once the delegated tasks are determined, it is imperative that employee training match these responsibilities.

5. Developing a Nurse Delegation Action Plan

This chapter reviews an example of what an action plan for performance improvement will entail. This template for action can be utilized by the individuals to evaluate the facility’s present nursing delegation process or to begin development of a new nursing delegation process.

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