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A Preceptor Training Program: Education & Management for Success

presented by Doris Mosocco, HCE, RN, BSN, MHA

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Preceptors play a vital role in the successful orientation and onboarding of staff new to the organization. A preceptor must be well educated and prepared for their role. They must demonstrate clinical expertise and competence to be effective, but precepting is a multifaceted role and demands other vital skills.

New staff benefit from the experience and the guidance shown by experienced staff and leaders. Research studies have revealed evidence in support of preceptor based orientation. These studies included positive outcomes of the program in employee satisfaction and retention and a reduction in turnover and cost. In addition preceptor based orientation programs have led to a return on investment. Studies revealed at the one year mark cost savings ranging from over $24,000 to $800,000. The contribution of preceptors to successful outcomes of orientees and organizations should not be underestimated.

The purpose of this course is to provide managers, staff educators and preceptors with a framework for practical approaches to create, build, and manage an effective preceptor program within an organization.

Meet Your Instructor

Doris Mosocco, HCE, RN, BSN, MHA

Doris Mosocco is currently a senior manager of quality for Virginia Premier, Inc., a managed care organization, where she supports the quality, accreditation, and regulatory compliance teams of the company. Before this role, Mosocco was regulatory manager for Sentara Enterprise Home Care Division, where she was responsible for survey preparedness and ongoing internal audits to…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Preparing for an Effective Preceptor Program

Preceptorship is a highly useful strategy for clinical education. In chapter one, the core qualities that make a good preceptor are discussed and why it is important to select candidates with these essential qualities. In order to be an effective preceptor, they must understand their responsibilities, this chapter outlines key responsibilities of the preceptor. Many of us use the term preceptor and mentor in the same context. Both have similar but distinct characteristics, we’ll learn about these terms why they are different. You will also learn about the responsibilities of the preceptee.

2. Preceptor Training Part I

Thoughtful consideration should be given when developing the content of the preceptor training program. In order for preceptors to be effective and successful in their role, a structured program along with tools to assist preceptors to deepen their knowledge of preceptorship is required. Chapter two will begin the discussion on what key topics should be included in the Preceptor Training program.

3. Preceptor Training Part 2

Continuing with the preceptor training materials, in this chapter a discussion of the One Minute Preceptor which is an efficient framework for clinical teaching is provided. Learning objectives serve as a contract between the preceptor and preceptee. A review regarding the development of learning objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy and the SMART model is part of the materials in the preceptor training program. Understanding how adults advance their learning capabilities from a novice to becoming experienced is helpful for the preceptor and this chapter reviews Dreyfus Model of skill acquisition. Reality shock is explained and strategies for the preceptor to assist the preceptee in overcoming this feeling.

4. Course Elements

A well-developed training manual is useful to guide the delivery process for the preceptor, including how to prepare for training, gathering materials, lesson planning and so on. Information on developing course content and the concept of blended learning. Recommendations on specific core contents of the preceptor training manual, administrative components which should be considered and thoughts on preceptor recognition is also covered. Finally, delivering the message, pulling the course together and recommendations to help make your program a success.

5. Feedback and Evaluation

Feedback is critically important especially with adult learners whose learning is enhanced if they believe they are making progress. Feedback is a core function of the preceptor and a critical step in the learning process. Chapter four outlines critical points in providing both positive and negative feedback to the learner. In order to enhance the quality of the learning experience, preceptors must understand the difference between feedback and evaluation. This chapter reviews both concepts. To ensure your program is running as originally planned, a program evaluation is necessary and chapter four provides key considerations when planning a program evaluation.

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