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Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries for the Sports Therapist

presented by Todd Arnold, MD

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With approximately 10% of all abdominal injuries resulting from sport-related trauma, sports therapists provide a critical level of care for this injury group. But when is the decision to activate EMS made? How is a critical organ injury differentiated from a superficial abdominal wall injury? Join Dr. Todd Arnold as he presents abdominal and genitourinary injuries for the sports therapist. This detailed course covers medical conditions ranging from liver, spleen, and renal injuries to diaphragm and ureter injuries. Take this course to understand the critical components of care and management for easily managed and life-threatening injuries and employ this knowledge in the SCS exam or in your clinical practice.

Meet Your Instructor

Todd Arnold, MD

Dr. Todd Arnold is a sports medicine physician with more than two decades of experience caring for athletes of all levels. He has been on the sidelines caring for those competing in high school sports, multiple levels of collegiate sports, NCAA Championships, and World Championships. He serves as the medical officer for elite athlete healthcare…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Evaluation

This chapter prepares the online learner for the initial component of every abdominal examination: the evaluation. Use Dr. Todd Arnold’s detailed instructions for the necessary palpations and percussions as well as detailed information on when to activate EMS to prepare for abdominal injuries in your practice.

2. The Abdominal Wall and Other Injuries

This chapter covers a variety of abdominal injuries including injuries to the abdominal wall and deeper organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, bowel, and appendix. Dr. Todd Arnold builds a solid foundation of anatomical and physiological knowledge that might provide the key to successfully protecting your athletes.

3. Aortic and Other Injuries

The aorta, bladder, ureter, diaphragm, and genitalia receive their share of injuries in the course of a sports career. Gain new knowledge of basic abdominal anatomy and physiology to determine the plan of care for your athlete and whether the athlete can return to sport.

4. Case Study

In this illustrative case study, Dr. Todd Arnold demonstrates how to talk with your athlete regarding their abdominal injuries. Gain an appreciation of how to advise your athlete as well as their parents, coaches, and administration after determining if they can return to sport.

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