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Advancing the Value of Respiratory Care Services

presented by Garry Kauffman, MPA, FACHE, RRT, FAARC

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Financial: Garry Kauffman is a consultant and speaker for Monaghan Medical Corporation. Garry receives compensation from MedBridge for this course. There is no financial interest beyond the production of this course.

Nonfinancial: Gary Kauffman is an AARC chartered affiliate consultant. He is a member of the AARC Benchmarking Committee, the AARC Advanced Practice RT Task Force, and the AARC Strategic Planning Committee, and is a Respiratory Care author and reviewer. He’s also an AARC Times/Newsroom author and reviewer, an AARC Safe and Effective Staffing Guide project leader, and an ARCF Education Recognition Award judge. Garry has no competing nonfinancial interests or relationships with regard to the content presented in this course.

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To be successful in advancing the value of respiratory care services and the respiratory therapists who provide those services, respiratory therapists must demonstrate the ability to identify, educate, and engage key stakeholders. This course covers identification of internal and external stakeholders, identification of decision-makers and decision-influencers, effective communication techniques, how to capture data to monitor and document process changes and outcomes secondary to the initiative, and how to effectively communicate the outcomes of change initiatives to all stakeholders.

Meet Your Instructor

Garry Kauffman, MPA, FACHE, RRT, FAARC

Garry W. Kauffman is a registered respiratory therapist with more than 40 years of experience. Garry was selected to be an AARC Fellow (FAARC) based on his contributions to the profession at the national level. Garry received his MPA from the Pennsylvania State University and achieved the distinction of board certification in health care (FACHE)…

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Chapters & Learning Objectives

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1. Value Proposition

To create a comprehensive and compelling value proposition, one must establish the science of respiratory care services, link the RT with the science, and communicate that the RT is the best provider of these services. The value proposition must be clearly defined; be aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals; be measurable; and make the case for the change from the current system.

2. Stakeholders

While we as respiratory therapists place those we serve as our most important stakeholders and customers, there are a host of other key stakeholders who play important roles in the approval, monitoring, and communication of our service delivery. This chapter addresses stakeholders that the RT should consider, selects three key stakeholders, and provides examples from the literature demonstrating the value of RTs working collaboratively to achieve outcomes in the domains of cost, safety, quality, and engagement.

3. Marketing

Within the respiratory therapist community, we understand the value that we bring to the healthcare system. The fundamental issue is that others may not be aware of our value. This chapter addresses the rationale for communicating our value, identification and selection of both internal and external stakeholders, methodologies employed to maximize the communication of our value, and how to create effective messaging to both educate and engage stakeholders in all care venues.

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